Daily Review: Dead Man Lying by Scott Bury

It’s fast paced-something mystery lovers can relate to-and a fun read full of twists and turns and nefarious characters.

She knows when you’re lying …FBI Special Agent Vanessa Storm is back on Maui to catch a killer.

With lush rain forests, black sand beaches, and a laid-back lifestyle, Maui offers the perfect retirement location for once-famous country singer Steven Sangster … until he ends up dead.

As the killer, or killers, strike again and again, Detective Lei Texeira and FBI Special Agent Vanessa Storm must untangle the lies spun by the singer’s associates, friends, family — and the singer himself before the music dies.

Scott Bury

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By Lisa J Davis

I started to read this, because it was written by an author I know and love, and I thought I’d pass it on to my Hubby to have a read. My husband loves a good crime mystery/thriller, and so do I. I must admit, I initially thought the hubs wouldn’t enjoy the book, because at first glance (very beginning of Ch. 1) I felt it may be too “chicky.”

Truth is, that aspect dissolve pretty quickly. I do love a good, strong, sensible female heroin, however, and FBI agent Vanessa Storm made me proud… She makes decisions in her love-life that make me think maybe if I’d been just as strong and sensible in my own life – well, the universe might be a better place today.

At the same time, she is vulnerable at times, revealing her insecurities, without making the story turn to mush. This book took me on a Hawaiian mystery, thrill-ride adventure, though. I consider myself to be exceptional at figuring out plots and story lines in mysteries way ahead of time (both in film/tv and in books). This story… not so much.

The plot twists and surprises made me not want to put it down. If I didn’t have to sleep, I’d have finished it in one sitting.

Amazon Review

By Lynda M. Filler

I was drawn in from the beginning to one of the new additions of the Lei Crime Kindle World series novellas by Scott Bury. It’s fast paced-something mystery lovers can relate to-and a fun read full of twists and turns and nefarious characters.

FBI Special Agent Vanessa Storm and Lex Texeira team up to solve a series of murders on the estate of a country western has-been singer in Maui. Family greed, multiple self-serving likable and unlikeable characters keep us guessing until the end.

I’m intrigued by Vanessa’s man Perry who has a secondary role in this story. He refuses to give up on her and certainly has a charm that makes me curious to read book 3 in this series.

Come on Mr. Bury, when’s the next one coming out?

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