Daily Review: Death’s Door by Rick Polad

Give it a read and see if you don’t agree that Rick Polad is one of the best mystery writers around.

Dealing with death is never easy, especially when it’s murder—especially for Chicago P.I. Spencer Manning when he can’t directly help. As a distraction, he heads to Green Bay, Wisconsin, on a case involving some perplexing letters… or so he thinks.

In this twisty tale of revenge and fraud, the letters lead him back to the murder and a race to solve a puzzle before the murderer strikes again. The Green Bay police say they have solved the case… but have they? In a final surprising twist, Spencer uses an emerging science to catch a murderer.

The best Spencer book yet will keep you turning pages right up to the end.

Rick Polad

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Rick Polad has written a masterful suspense again with his 6th Spencer Manning mystery. As always, he keeps you guessing until the end. He makes you feel like you are right there with Spencer trying to solve the mystery.

Death’s Door takes place in one of the most beautiful areas of Wisconsin. Give it a read and see if you don’t agree that Rick Polad is one of the best mystery writers around.

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By momski

The hits just keep on coming! Another tight and light mystery novel from the uber talented Rick Polad. His characters feel like people you know…and, for the most part, like! For Spencer fans,

Death’s Door has some gasp-worthy moments, some ‘AHA’s’ and a few ‘I KNEW it’s’ to keep you guessing. Rick’s ability to keep multiple story lines going and occasionally interweaving with each other is one of my favorite displays of his talent.

Death’s Door is a truly worthy continuation of the Spencer Manning series, and waiting for the next one is excruciating!

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Rick Polad takes the reader from Chicago to Door County, Wisconsin in this latest Spencer Manning mystery. In addition to the fascinating plot involving adoptions, Polad’s greatest skill is his ability to create a setting for the reader.

He’s done his research, and the reader gets to experience Chicago as well as central Wisconsin. A great addition to the Spencer Manning series.

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