Daily Review: Fireball by Lee Gimenez

Searching for conspirators behind a plot to place America and Russia on a collision course leading to nuclear war.

Three of America’s most prominent people are murdered on the same night: A Supreme Court Justice, a key Senator, and a famous religious leader. The U.S. President suspects rogue government agents are behind the murders, in an attempt to cause national chaos and bring down the American government.

Not knowing who to trust, he turns to a secret, hand-picked team to find and stop the treasonous conspiracy. Former Special Forces soldier turned private investigator John (J.T.) Ryan is on the team, along with FBI Assistant Director Erin Welch and CIA agent Rachel West.

As the team investigates they uncover a shocking truth: The criminals will stop at nothing to bring down the U.S. government, even if it means pushing the country to the brink of nuclear war.

The stakes grow even higher when the woman Ryan loves is kidnapped. Can Ryan stop the conspiracy and save the woman he loves? Or does the country collapse into chaos?

Lee Gimenez

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By Broadway Turk Superstar

Fireball by Lee Gimenez is the author’s latest suspense/thriller featuring his protagonist J.T. Ryan and Erin Welch. They are joining forces to find the conspirators behind a plot to place America and Russia on a collision course leading to nuclear war.

Yet the landscape is clouded by political manipulation that seems to be targeting the President of the United States. There is a looming threat of impeachment that will throw the nation into an imbalance, distracting it from the coming crisis. This is a storyline ripped from today’s headlines, brought to life in true Gimenez fashion.

The theme of deception resonates throughout the plot as the operatives realize that there is far more going on behind the scenes than meets the eye. Angel Stone becomes a person of interest during the investigation, but JT and Erin seem to come up empty.

Her attempts to seduce a senile old billionaire, Viktor Papadopoulos, is of little consequence. Yet the conflict develops as CIA Rachel West goes missing, and JT seems to be drawn in the wrong direction by the incident. Erin is left wondering if Angel is conspiring to draw JT off-side as the nuclear clock ticks towards doomsday.

It’s another impressive installment of Gimenez’s action-packed series. Espionage readers and international thriller buffs won’t want to miss this one.

Amazon Review

By KB Schaller

Fireball is another riveting, page-turning mystery thriller from the creative genius of award-winning author Lee Gimenez. Once again, several of the series’ characters, private investigator John (J.T.) Ryan and Erin Welch of the FBI team up for another head-spinning tale filled with mystery and heart-thumping suspense.

This time, the rugged and witty Ryan and the highly-intelligent and beautiful Erin must dig deeply into their reservoirs of experience, skill, and intuition to solve what may be their greatest challenge yet: the murders of three of America’s top leaders.

As is his well-honed style, once again, Gimenez infuses snappy dialogue and wit—a trademark of his many novels—to lighten the mood of a serious plot. There’s explosive action and an edge-of-your-seat, roller-coaster feel as J.T. Ryan and Erin Welch investigate the murders, and in the process put their own lives in danger.

The series has a definite “Movie Feel”, as one can picture these colorful, 3-dimensional characters in the theater of the mind as they pool their talents time and again to solve one mind-searing mystery after another.

Like others of Lee Gimenez’ novels (The Media Murders, FBI Code Red, Skyflash, etc.), the ripped-from-the-headlines plot will keep the reader guessing until the very last page. Fireball is a must-read for fans of mystery thrillers.

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