Daily Review: Flint of Dreams by Charles Peterson Sheppard

A wonderful, chilling, ghostly experience trapped deep within the unrestricted dream world.

When a young woman is assaulted and two young men murdered on the shores of Hemlock Lake in upstate New York, everybody knew that Asa ‘Flint’ Spencer did it.

He was an angry young Seneca Indian of the Blue Heron Clan with a troubled past.

But they were all wrong. And the government researchers seeking remote viewers in the war on terrorism had their eyes on Flint as well. For Flint was born with special powers he did not fully understand.

The secrets lay in the hearts and minds of an old Iroquois woman, a sadistic psychic assassin, and the NSA agents seeking to utilize Flint’s unique abilities at all cost. For Flint, the missing pieces of the puzzle swirled in his primordial dreams.

Charles Peterson Sheppard

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By Travis B

Blown away. And those are my first two words for this review. Sit on them for a meditative moment, and imagine—you, yourself within a dream. And, you’re apprehensive, you want to turn around, it’s dark and scary in here, too real, and then you try—but now something won’t let you. You need to learn this life lesson, your purpose, your dream quest. Go, don’t be afraid.

Take a step. You can do it.

Charles Peterson Sheppard’s Flint of Dreams, I can honestly say, is one of my favorite books of 2018. And I read a lot of books. This story has it all. A gritty, tough life, meth heads to billionaires, boostin’ cars and chop shops, fist fights and getting caught with an “O” face, pants down, and almost getting the dog’s— I won’t spoil that. And tweaking friends that aren’t really friends at all. And real friends that see beyond skin color, can see that sometimes a person’s past, as bad as it might have been, does not mean turn your back on them forever.

See into the spirit, look into the eyes. Good hearts. Good battles evil. There are second chances, sometimes just before the end of an old woman’s life, and sometimes, before the end of the world. Can he, will he accept it, and believe? From near-death experiences to awakenings and realizations, and something that can bypass the “natural” way of things.

A dangerous drug allowing those who use it to enter the spirit realm, granting access to time itself, past and present, ultimate power, fermenting evil, to the hidden world widely disregarded by the everyday quotidian jumble we call life.

Flint is special, yes, perhaps. But he denies it, he kicks ass on a whim, and “thunderously” I might add with some fierce fists, and he continues to make bad decisions until one day, because of a culmination of metaphysical consequences exploding out of control, blowin’ up the lab and water rupturing from the earth, all coming down harder and faster, and supernatural powers—things change. The time for waiting is over. A tough life on the streets.

Possible redemption? The removal of the snakeskin that is pride, and the stubborn macho man growing out of it. Can he overcome?

But the time has come. It’s time for Flint to believe, to unleash his true power. A difficult life, the struggles he’s endured, his friends too. Will all this and mysteriously more make him the man he is finally ready and willing to be? Maybe not. He’s too stubborn. Tread through difficulties with Flint and his friends, his girlfriend Denise, Chance and the beautiful Sabrina and the exquisite Crystine, goodhearted Nash, Jill and Elby, each with their own tribulations, all the good and bad that brought them together. And into the world of dreams—into battle.

Battle like you’ve never experienced it!

Five solid stars. Way up. Swim in the world of dreams and beyond. This one blew my mind and the end had me crushing my chair’s armrests, fingers cramped. Right up my alley and I’m glad I found it because I’ve studied lucid dreaming and sleep for over a decade. I’ve read a hundred books on the subject, as well experienced many a wonderful, or chilling, ghostly experience, within the unrestricted dream world. And this novel took me right there.

It put me right inside with every smell, color, myriad possibilities and more, infinite wonder. I must admit, Charles Peterson Sheppard is extraordinarily gifted in his method of storytelling. He puts you smack in the action, running at light speed—I can, I CAN DO IT!—there! One of my newest favorite authors. Looking forward to more from Charles. Do not pass on this title!

Amazon Review

By Reader Editor

Flint of Dreams is a violent and graphic story combining, of all things, the Yakuza and firefly breeding; glow worms. This is one of those stories where, as you read, you’re sure who the perpetrator may be, but it isn’t so. This reader focused first on one person, then another, only to switch again. Finally, I left it alone to go along for the ride, and what a ride!

Critical scenes are depicted in shocking detail that made this reader feel a part of it all and raised goosebumps. The descriptive writing is partly what makes this story brutal. Christina, young, naive and unsuspecting, is followed/shadowed while driving but stops along a roadside to help a stranded traveler. The man’s mannerisms and a badge tell her he is okay. This seems a commonly used method to begin a mystery, but that is quickly forgotten as he immediately becomes the beginning of her nightmare.

This author understands how to describe a character’s inner thoughts and emotions, adding depth and meaning to each person. The frightening inner workings of the minds of each of the characters adds depth to the story. And a most uncommon ending. If you like graphic, brutally descriptive mysteries, a plot that is something different, this adult story is for you.

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