Daily Review: Grievance in Gingerbread Alley by Leighann Dobbs

Something sinister is lurking beneath all that Christmas cheer and the village regulars are harboring dangerous secrets.

When Augusta (Gus) Chance takes a break from her duties as Sheriff of Mystic Notch to indulge in her hobby of playing jazz piano in Christmas Village she never imagines that a surprise from her past will cause her to become embroiled in the investigation of a suspicious death.

She soon discovers that Christmas Village isn’t the idyllic holiday retreat that it appears to be. Something sinister is lurking beneath all that Christmas cheer and the village regulars are harboring dangerous secrets.

What does the murder have to do with the maids-a-milking, the swans-a-swimming and the partridge in the pear tree? Gus is on a mission to find out, but she soon discovers that solving a murder is not so easy when you don’t have the benefit of a sheriff’s badge.

This humorous Christmas cozy mystery novella features Sheriff Gus Chance from Leighann Dobbs’ Mystic Notch series in a twisty old-fashioned who done it in a warm and cozy Christmas village setting.

Leighann Dobbs


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By Thomas:

Gus is in Christmas Village to relax and play some jazz, while on vacation from Mystic Notch.

While heading to her apartment, one of the residents is causing a commotion, then she simply drops dead.

When Gus takes a look at the body, she sees signs that the death may be a murder.

When her former teacher in the academy she graduated from pronounces it natural causes, Gus takes it upon herself to solve the murder and prove her former instructor wrong.

Another fun story from Leighann Dobbs. This one brings some familiar characters along for the ride while introducing some new ones.

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By sandybar57

I enjoyed Gus Chance, Sheriff of Mystic Notch, getting her own story.

She goes on vacation to Christmas Village to indulge in her hobby of playing some jazz piano and runs across a murder.

Christmas Village is a unique little place to visit. The residents are a little strange, which makes for a fabulous story.

Gus meets up with someone from her police academy days and I enjoyed reading something about her past.

Kudos to the author for bringing something different to the series!

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By Cindy Inman:

Augusta “Gus” Chance, sheriff of Mystic Notch, New Hampshire, has traveled to Christmas Village to play the jazz piano in the North Pole Lounge. She has found Ivy Peterson, a saxophone player from Christmas Village to accompany her.

Little did she know that she would find herself trying to solve a murder without her badge or gun while she was on vacation.

Leaving her small AirBnB apartment she sees a disturbance in the street. A woman is trying to post fliers about saving the birds in Christmas Village.

Suddenly she falls face-first to the street obviously dead.

Detective Kristine Winters and Detective Noel are the officers in charge of the investigation. Detective Winters was Gus’s nemesis and instructor while attending the police academy.

She tells Gus that she does not want Gus involved. She is in charge in Christmas Village, not Gus!

There are many suspects in the death of Vicky Smithers in town. There are Comfort and Joy from Ruffled Feathers; Mary Dunn from Town Hall; Kevin Smithers, her husband; Wanda Garland from Good Tidings Cafe and Yule Navidad who runs the reindeer transport and toy factory. Kevin and Wanda are high on the list because Kevin was having an affair with Wanda.

Ivy is a young lady wanting to learn to investigate. Gus thinks it might be a good idea to have someone from Christmas Village to assist her, so the two begin their investigation.

This is a very well written, short Christmas story. It is a must-read for those who love Christmas stories.

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