Daily Review: The Inheritance by Morgan K. Wyatt

A romantic tale of self-acceptance and finding love in the unlikeliest of places.

Melody’s inheritance comes with a stipulation that she must share the house with Levi for a year. Before she even lays eyes on the man, he tries to evict her. No way, the scoundrel is getting the better of her.

At first, she might have felt some sympathy for the wounded soldier, but not now. She’s hunkered down for battle with the help of a cantankerous rescue hound.

Charmer, her dog, shows an inordinate affection for the stubborn, outspoken man, which irritates her. Maybe her dog could teach her lesson in accepting people for who they are and not for what they appear.

Morgan K. Wyatt

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By Deana

Melody works as a hospice nurse. It is not an easy job, but one she loves. She came from the foster care system and has never really felt accepted. She thinks she has flaws that make her unattractive to men. Throughout her life, she has never felt loved or wanted by anyone. She looks in a mirror and sees an overweight and lonely woman. Because of these flaws, she perceives that she has, she has become insecure.

Levi is a strong determined, no-nonsense kind of man. While serving in the military, Levi lost a leg. Now that he is back home as a wounded soldier, he feels that he has nothing to offer a woman. He has returned home an angry man who must deal with a divorce that leaves him bitter and cold.

The story centers around these two different and dynamic characters and how they have to deal with living together in a home that Levi’s uncle has left them. It is a great read about two people finding their self-worth while opening their hearts to each other. Will Uncle Roy’s greatest regret change their life? Will two people who don’t trust each other be able to live in the same house?

The author does a great job of exploring the regrets people have, the hope of acceptance and finding love when you don’t expect it. Morgan has given us characters that make us cry through their struggles and feel the pain they have suffered over the years. It is a story that will leave you with an emotional journey that shows you what forgiveness and hope can do to change your self-esteem. I loved the way the story flowed with a depth of raw emotions and the vulnerability the characters experienced.

The Inheritance is the first book I have read by Morgan K. Wyatt but it will not be the last. Thank you for writing such a beautiful story and introducing me to your incredible writing style.

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By J. Faltys

Two people scarred by their pasts are brought together through the machinations of a cantankerous old man from beyond the grave in this sweet and sentimental romance that touches on a few topical issues too. Ms. Wyatt nicely balances all this amongst two very likable and realistic characters with the help of an endearing cast of secondary characters, including Charmer the dog who does his best to help two bitter people find their HEA.

Melody is a hospice nurse who finds it easy to connect with her patients but hard to form a bond with others after a childhood full of numerous uncaring foster parents. Her own mother even set her up for heartache through broken promises and tarnished dreams that have left Melody doubting herself when it comes to love. She always longed for a family, and with her recent patient offering a place in his home, she thought she’d finally found one. With his death, she’s once again feeling lost but with his nephew coming to stay Melody will once again find herself nursing another as their mutually bruised hearts can only be healed through their burgeoning relationship and trust. Melody was a strong-willed woman with very low self-esteem who was easy to relate to. Though she wanted to be angry at Levi for not coming home sooner her kind heart wouldn’t allow her to punish him more than he’s punishing himself. She was a woman deserving of love who wore her heart on her sleeve waiting for her Prince Charming.

Levi had a rough upbringing too until he ended up at his uncle’s house. There he found a sense of belonging until a woman’s lies had him walking away in anger. Time in the military and the loss of his leg were an eye-opening experience that left him with regrets but trying to move on with the changes his body’s undergone. A duplicitous woman and his own low self-esteem have left him a bit cold and untrusting though. Spending time with Melody, per his uncle’s will, shows him a woman he can finally count on, but will he let his own self-esteem issues keep him from happiness or will his sensual battle with Melody end in victory? Levi’s been through a lot in his life so his initial standoffishness was understandable. His playful yet subtle flirtations towards Melody endeared him to me though and had me rooting for him as his impressions of himself grew through Melody’s responses to his sensual onslaught. He might’ve been mired in pity at the start of the story but quickly gained confidence through his interactions with Melody.

With its appealing characters and their flirty and heartfelt interactions teeming with sexual tension I found myself easily immersed in this romantic tale of self-acceptance and finding love in the unlikeliest of places. The lead characters are strong-willed but traverse a slow journey to HEA because of deep-seated trust issues that left me aching for them both. Small town living, with all its inherent colorful denizens, is charmingly depicted and helped push the main couple together. Topical issues dealing with problems in the foster care system, issues of returning veterans, along with animal adoption are seamlessly incorporated into this tale to bind the main couple together even more. Overall it makes for a sweet and heartwarming tale that starts off a bit slow but quickly captivates readers.

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