Daily Review: Innocent as Sin by C. A. Asbrey

These books are so much more than romance novels, or detective novels, or historical novels.

Nat Quinn and Jake Conroy are just doing their job—robbing a bank! But when Nat sees Pinkerton agent Abigail MacKay is already there, he knows something isn’t right. Is she on the trail of The Innocents again, or has she turned up in Everlasting, Wyoming, by coincidence?

Abi can’t believe her bad luck! Nat and Jake are about to make her true identity known, and botch the undercover job she has carefully prepared for—a job she’s been working on for months. When Jake discovers she’s cooperating with a sadistic bounty hunter who never brings in his prisoners alive, he suspects Nat might be the next target. How could Abi betray them like this?

On top of everything else, someone has dumped a frozen corpse after disguising it as a tramp. The town is snowed in and the killer isn’t going anywhere, but can Abigail’s forensic skills solve the murder before anyone else is killed? Abi and Nat manage to admit their feelings for one another, but will that be enough to overcome the fact that they’re on opposite sides of the law?

The Innocents and Abigail MacKay must work together to solve the murder case, but they’re still best enemies. It’s an emotional standoff, and they’re all INNOCENT AS SIN…

C. A. Asbrey


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By Cynthia Hamilton

Innocent as Sin is the second book in C.A. Asbrey’s captivating The Innocents Series, but I got so excited by an announcement I saw by the author, I ended up reading the third installment before the second. Fortunately, it didn’t affect my enjoyment of either book.

In fact, the three books I’ve read by this author are some of the best I’ve ever come across. She’s come up with a winning combination of subject matter (a female Pinkerton detective in mid-1800s America), main characters (two infamous outlaws and a determined Scotswoman with a painful past), pitch-perfect dialog (between the opposing forces and the colorful array of supporting characters), humor and sexual attraction. I mean really, what else could you want?

I forgot to mention that it’s obvious the author has gone to great lengths to research every single detail, from the science that was available at the time to the fashions and the manner of speech. Reading these compelling novels is like being transported back in time. Her writing is concise, lyrical and smooth, and the repartee between the three protagonists is so real and honest, you don’t doubt for a moment the authenticity of the scenes.

It’s impossible for me to say what I’ve liked best about this series, but the chemistry between Abigail McKay and Nat Quinn is believable, electrifying and pitch-perfect. These books would please even hardcore romance fans, yet they are so much more than romance novels, or detective novels, or historical novels.

The Innocents Series has it all, and laugh out loud humor to boot. I will read anything by this author. I think she could make a grocery list sound intriguing and suspenseful!

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By Veronica

What can I say? I love a great mystery series and Author C.A. Asbrey does not disappoint in Book 2, Innocent as Sin. Pinkerton agent Abigail Mackay is once again on the trail to catch the bad guys, and this time her path lands her right in the middle of The Innocents gang members Jake Conroy and Nat Quinn latest good doer robbery, much to their surprise. An evil bounty hunter needs to be stopped, and Nat and Jake are determined to lend Abi a hand, no matter how much she doesn’t want it!

The mayhem and distrust continue with many twists and turns as Abi, Nat and Jake become an unlikely team to track down a murderer. Nat and Abi acknowledge their love, but can they ever bring it to fruition when their lives (and strong personalities) are on two very different, opposing paths? C.A. Asbrey brings the old west back to life with this suspense-filled tale.

The characters, settings and fledgling forensic science methods capture this reader’s mind, and I can’t wait to be with these characters once again. A great read, highly recommended!

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