Daily Review: Killer Reputation by Cassidy Salem

Would she and Bart be able to track down a killer? Would they put themselves in peril by continuing to investigate?

Adina can’t resist snooping when someone she knows turns up dead. Again.

When a colleague at a prestigious think tank meets a violent death, Adina’s not convinced any of the obvious suspects disliked him enough to want him dead.

Can the young research assistant, her quirky neighbor, and a lovable rescue pup help the police put together the pieces of the puzzle?

Killer Reputation is the third mystery in the Adina Donati, Accidental Sleuth Series by Cassidy Salem. The books are standalone reads and can be read in any order.

Cassidy Salem

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By Lori Caswell/Dollycas

Adina Donati is back and she is involved in solving another murder. A work colleague who also lives nearby has been killed and her detective boyfriend is away for training so his boss is in charge. Adina thinks he is may not be getting the full picture.

As she uncovers info she tries to share with him but he is not happy about her interference. A key clue is found that brings everything into focus and again Adina is on the scene.

Adina is a grand protagonist, works for a D.C. think tank and volunteers at an animal rescue. I love that she now has a dog and has convinced her neighbor to foster a fantastic dog too. She now has two housemates and I was delighted to meet them. Her neighbor is an elderly man that watches over the neighborhood.

Cassidy gets to know him better with a tragic event and the following murder. I enjoy the friendship they are building.

Cassidy Salem has wrapped her characters in a very interesting mystery; it could have gone in several directions. The twists were great and I loved the way it played out. She packs so much into just 182 pages and it is easily read in an afternoon.

Even though this is the third story in this series it can be read on its own. I also believe we have just scratched the surface on these characters. I am excited about the next installment.

Amazon Review

By Emily Pennington

At 1:35 a.m., Bonzo’s barking woke Adina Donati out of a sound sleep. She made him go back to his doggie bed. But the next morning, her roommate Lynda came back from her run and said there were a police car and ambulance on the street. Curious, Adina put Bonzo on his leash for a quick walk. One of the two young guys that lived on the block apparently got hurt, but her elderly neighbor, retired policeman Bart Crockett, wasn’t sure which one.

Jonathan Saks, a police detective Adina was dating, called her when she got home from work to arrange the time of their going to her office’s cocktail party. Shari, one of her roommates, walked in and told her Patrick, their neighbor, was the one who was attacked.

He didn’t see the attacker and has no idea why he was hit over the head. Patrick worked at the same office building as Adina and Lynda. Although he had a mild concussion, he made an effort to attend the party that evening.

In the meantime, Shari’s ex-boyfriend managed to track her down. He had physically abused her and threatened her when she left him. She moved and got a new job, but he found her again. Mr. Crockett saw him stalking her in his now-parked truck and had a talk with him. Chad drove away, but there was no telling whether he’d be back again, and Shari didn’t want to file a police report.

The next day at the office, an email arrived to tell the employees that Patrick, her neighbor who had been attacked, was dead! No details were yet released. At the end of the day, Adina and Lynda rode home on the Metro together and, for the second time, Adina noticed the same stranger staring at her! Was this just coincidence?

Bart Crockett called Adina over to his porch where an off-duty police officer friend was telling him about Patrick’s murder. He had been found in a parking garage and was strangled. Adina started thinking through the clues, trying to figure the likely suspect and who might have wanted Patrick dead. When Adina told Jonathan that evening about the funeral she was attending the next day, he mentioned she should not be using it as a fact-finding mission!

But her curiosity was strong and she continued to gather information. Would she and Bart be able to track down a killer? Would they put themselves in peril by continuing to investigate?

This was a great story! The characters were so personable, and even the secondary characters were memorable and interesting. The storyline was good and the steady pacing kept the reader involved as Adina gathered clues. With so many possibilities, it was impressive watching her work!

Don’t miss this one – and see if you can guess “whodunit.”

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