Daily Review: For the Love of Maude by Denise Liebig

Time-travel plays with the excitement, the danger, and the intricacies of the concepts of identity and reality.

Hiding in history isn’t the thrill Emily thought it would be–but neither is time travel. When her husband, Dell, is seriously injured in an accident meant to free her from her past, Emily is left to await his recovery alone.

Traversing time without the man of her dreams becomes a nightmare with no apparent end until her husband’s younger self, Shane, arrives–handsome, arrogant, and ready to challenge Emily’s feelings for a husband who might not survive his injuries.

Inspired by the memory of Maude, her beloved great-great-aunt, Emily tries to escape her new life, only to discover that she may have just risked everything for the love of Maude.

Denise Liebig

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By Bob Van Laerhoven

“They say that combining “genres” is difficult but rewarding when you want to stand out in the crowd. It is a difficult venture indeed, but Mrs. Liebig has a particular and elegant way to combine the stylish majesty of the nineteenth-century novel with the speed and the twist and turns of a present-day plot.

Add to that a vast array of characters joining the first book in this series, and a well-crafted, mysterious atmosphere wherein time-travel plays with the excitement, the danger, and the intricacies of the concepts of identity and reality.

Modern quantum physicists begin to suspect that our consciousness “shapes” reality. In a way, For The Love Of Maude proves that thesis. Protagonist Emily Stanton is put into a position where she can change the past and thus reality.

But what consequences will it have on others and on her? A great thing about this sequel is that serious themes are being treated as a suspenseful journey into an intoxicating labyrinth. No matter the surprising, sometimes shocking, plot changes and the emotional atmosphere, Mrs. Liebig remains a born story-teller who sweeps the reader seemingly effortless along in a whirlwind of secrets, romance, feud, and danger.

They say the second book of a series is often a pitfall. Not so in For The Love of Maude. Rare are those authors who can juggle multi-layered themes and genres in an absorbing tale like this one.”

Amazon Review

By Paul L. Steinberg

For the Love of Maude by Denise Liebig picks up the Dear Maude trilogy with a new set of twists and turns. This time around Emily Stanton is confronted by a question that has interesting possibilities. We all know what feelings were there at the moment when we met that special someone.

As a part of the time travel aspect of the story, Emily is faced with the unique opportunity to understand her special someone from several different perspectives. To keep those perspectives separate, she gives her younger someone a different name from the someone she married, and different again from that someone when he is much older. There is a fascinating look into how Emily defines her feelings of Love for “each” of them.

Along with the romance, the reader finds out more about the title character. Once again, time travel makes it possible for Emily to get to know her great, great aunt more completely. Another facet of the time travel is the aspect of different locations and social strata. Ms. Liebig paints wonderful pictures of Emily’s surroundings and the people she encounters.

As in Dear Maude, there are an abundance of surprises and adventures awaiting on practically every page. For the Love of Maude does what every sequel should do. It respects the construct of the first volume while building a life of its own. As the second of a trilogy, it does a wonderful job of being a bridge to the next story.

I can honestly say that I have no idea where Emily is headed, but I can’t wait to find out.

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