Daily Review: A Love Worth Searching For by Kathleen Ball

This book has adventure, heartache, intrigue and some mystery. I’ve loved every moment spent along the Oregon Trail.

Lily Lewis was captured by the Sioux two long years ago and all hope of her rescue had faded. Suddenly she finds herself traded to two old trappers and is terrified as to what life will bring her next.

Jed Todd has been looking for Lily since the day she was abducted along the Oregon Trail. This time he is the wagon master. Word comes that his trapper friends have found and bought Lily for him. He rides fast and fierce to get to her and is relieved to find her in one piece.

The way he felt about her before she’d been stolen wasn’t a figment of his imagination. From the moment he saw her again he knew his love was real.

Lily isn’t well received by the others on the wagon train and realizes that having a relationship with Jed would only hinder him in life. He’d never be accepted in polite society. Once in Oregon, she plans to leave for Washington territory to live alone.

Attempts on her life and the life of a young girl make Lily realize that she and Jed share a love worth searching for.

Kathleen Ball

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By Dorothy

What a great storyline! After reading the first two books in the series, I was so looking forward to this book. In the back of my mind, I always wondered about the young gal stolen by the Indians along the Oregon Trail.

Where was she? Was she alive? Was she a “wife” or slave? And, now all the answers are in this book. Jed Todd, along with the cook and side-kick Smitty, decided to take one more wagon train from St. Louis to Oregon.

Jed just couldn’t give up his search for young Lily. This book has adventure, heartache, intrigue and some mystery. I’ve loved every moment spent along the Oregon Trail reading this book.

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By Darlene

This is the third in the Oregon Trail series by Kathleen Ball. I loved all three! It helps a bit if you read them in order,
but Ball provides enough back text info to enjoy them out of order.

Jed is the youngest of the three Todd brothers who have made leading wagon trains west to the Oregon Territory a good business.

Jed’s two-year search for the young girl kidnapped by Indians in the first of the three Oregon Trail novels provides a lot of insight into human nature, the strength of individuals in the clutches of evil and the beauty of the human spirit. I highly recommend the whole series!


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By Cindy Customer

Lily was captured by Sioux Indians from a wagon train going to Oregon. Jed has been guiding two more wagon trains since that happened on his and his brothers watch and has looked for her on each trip, asking every trapper and guide he has come across both going to Oregon and on his return trips back to the East.

Finally, he hears from two old trappers who have found her and traded goods and horses for her. Lily is safe but has become cautious and self-sufficient in her two years with the Sioux tribe. The wagon train people don’t want her traveling with them, but Jed gives them no choice. Either go with us, or you are on your own.

Several trials await Lily, plus more intrigued than Jed counted on. Wagon train travel is filled with perils of nature, and even more caused by man…and this one is no different. Stabbings, hangings, intrigue, and harassment abound. Will they make it to Oregon intact or will tragedy reign supreme?

This third story of life going to Oregon is filled will some great characters, and wonderful stories. I would love to see more stories like this.

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