Daily Review: Mall Hair Maladies by Kristy Jo Volchko

A marvelous blend of 80’s nostalgia, determination, self-discovery, friendship, and love.

Pittsburgh, 1985 . . .

It’s not easy being the new girl, but it doesn’t take long for Randi Gattano to snag a new best friend as totally rad as she is. Randi and Tanya have everything in common-big hair, big dreams, big imaginations, and an even bigger obsession with scoring tickets to see their favorite pop queen live.

How far will they go in their determination to let nothing stand in the way of the greatest night of their 13-year-old lives? And what will they ultimately learn about friendship, family, and fate?

Kristy Jo Volchko

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By Maria Kristine

This is an amusing story!! It made me feel nostalgic about the time when I was 13 years old and my best friend, Honey, was everyone I’ve ever need to survive! Now we’re both grown-ups and we clearly have our own paths but something about this book made me reminisce.

It was back in the days when we were crazy over Britney and we constantly dance to her songs and mimic her actions. Randi and Tanya were perfect for each other. They made each other feel loved and valued and supported.

Back in the 80’s, the hair was a huge thing–figuratively and literally. Girls may not be exposed to big dreams at the time, but we sure did get obsessed with awesome things that made us bond.

Kristy has done me a huge favor by writing this book. A fictional story that can take you back to the time when you were enjoying having boy crushes and them looking at you would make your knees weak and your whole week gold.

Kristy’s Randi and Tanya reminded me of Kristine and Honey. It’s a gem to be able to find such an awesome and well-written story that made my heart melt. I wish more people would read this. In this crazy life, we tend to forget to look back at treasured friendships and dusted cd collections and what have you.

It’s great to be reminded of those days, really. Kristy, I owe you and your characters a day of reminiscing about my long-forgotten childhood. And my best friend thanks you, too.

Amazon Review

By jgusky

Looking for that perfect “tween” book. This is it. And you might just want to share it with your mom. If she wants to reminisce about the good old “eighties.” The era of big hair and rock stars and fashion icons. Mall Hair Maladies is a great title for this fun and touching story of two girls just entering their teens.

Fate throws them together right from the start, and fate and destiny seem to follow them in a way that no one could have expected. This is a “period” piece for sure, if you want to know about the cultural currents that define this unique time.

But it reaches beyond in a more universal way to teach the reader about friendship and family (no matter what the family looks like). It reminds us that every generation has to struggle with coming of age and find ways to fit in while being true to one’s self.

There are a few zany adventures that will have the reader laughing out loud. Young friends not just dreaming about, but “experimenting” with, things they imagine will be sure answers to reaching their girlish dreams¬†…,¬†if the “experiment” doesn’t end in disaster first.

The story takes place around absolute determination to attend a Madonna concert that gets foiled at every turn. The outcome has consequences, but also a remarkable and fate-filled, warmhearted outcome. Highly recommended.

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