Daily Review: A Medium’s Christmas Gift by Chariss K. Walker

This story is about more than murder. It is about the development of two people into making peace with themselves.

Becky Tibbs is a sweet and innocent young woman.

She’s never been in love or had a real romantic relationship. On the other hand, she is very adept at helping recently departed spirits with their unfinished business in Asheville, North Carolina.

During her recent abduction, Detective Patrick Burns found Becky on the brink of death. Since then, they have begun to date, but will his ex-girlfriend allow them any peace? It seems she is determined to undermine their budding relationship in any way that she can.

Christmas is a busy season for everyone and Becky has her hands full when she helps a newly departed ghost whose stepfather is a major player in the Colorado drug cartel.

Will Becky find peace and joy during the happiest time of the year?

Chariss K. Walker

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By MikeHope

Chariss K Walker has managed to write a series that incorporates spirituality and fiction in a really good way! Becky is a Medium and fully accepts her gift.

Luckily for her, her new boyfriend accepts her for what she is, a person who can see and converse with the dead–and help them to let go.

Her Brother and Sister not so much until because of happenings in each of their lives they decide to give it a try.

Each of the books in this series is easily read in a short period of time and will keep you entertained with all the goings on–of course, their Mom is still appearing to try and “manage their lives”!

Amazon Review

By Krystina

Another great read about the three Tibbs siblings and their psychic gifts. Becky has always accepted hers but Bobby and Barbara never have. Now due to alcohol and tranquilizer abuse, they are feeling the effects on their health.

Barbara has a rude awakening when Martin, her longterm boyfriend, turns up out of the blue and breaks up with her when he finds out that she too can see ghosts. However, this is mitigated by the fact that her mother reveals that he is suffering from mental illness that runs in his family.

Will the two siblings take Becky’s advice and help just one ghost. Meanwhile, Becky has a new ghost client.

The ghost of a young man killed by his stepfather who is the hitman for a drug cartel. Will she be able to help his sister escape the stepfather and bring him in for the murder of the young man?

This story is about more than murder. It is about the development of two people into making peace with themselves and their abilities and most of all with the other family members (still alive).

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