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Merlot in Maine

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By KimPitbull123

Every page had something funny, crazy or touching.

Road Trip!! “Merlot In Maine” (Wine and sweatpants series book Three) by Jan Romes
I followed the four ladies, Elaine, Tawny, Grace, Steph, let’s not forget Stony the husky and Lula the cat, their a big part of the story. The ladies have been there for each other ever since they met at the pawn shop.

They make me wish I had met ladies like them in my life. Life isn’t always easy, but with friends like these four you would always have a heart and shoulder to cry on. They have their moments they want to tear their hair out because of each other, believe me. Elaine has a saying ” not my monkeys, not my circus”. If you read the series you’d see.

True friends always work it out. This is the third book, on this journey they open a Bed&Breakfast in the snowy state of Maine, mind you none of them have experience in the Bed&breakfast area. They were all ready for a change in life, to leave Cherry Ridge behind, or are they? Elaine sold her gym to Arden (her ex husband) and the house, the ladies left their jobs, the journey begins. These ladies don’t disappoint, their adventure on they had me laughing my butt off most of the time, feeling bad other times.

I live in UpState New York, and Maine is one of our favorite vacation spots, so this book had me right away. I really enjoy the friendship between these sassy, friendly, adventurous, all around wonderful ladies.

Wait until you read what they call the Bed & Breakfast!!! Totally fits them. The people they meet, some had me in stitches, others are the men they meet. Join the journey with these wonderful, sassy, fun ladies! Can they make it all work out, or will they fall apart? Hmmmmmm.

Jan Romes

Amazon Review


Elaina, Tawny, Grace, and Steph along with a dog and a cat embark on a crazy adventure to open a bed and breakfast across country. From Ohio to Portland and finally to Maine, the fiery, middle-aged woman chance meet many obstacles that will put their kindred spirits to the test.

Getting strung up in a tree with the dog, encountering illness, meeting men along the way, their escapade will have you laughing and tearing. Jan is a mastermind at creating stories that stir the soul. Her characters are witty, humorous, lovable, very real and totally relatable.

As I read Merlot in Maine, I thought of how fun it would be to hang out with these four women. Never a dull moment. Jan’s writing is so smooth and fluid. I was never confused or bored. Every page had something funny, crazy or touching.

She must be a great cook as well because the dishes the gals cook are very tantalizing, you may just want to try them yourself. I know I will.

Bravo to yet another 5 star read by the talented Jan Romes.

Please click HERE to purchase Merlot in Maine.

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  • Jan Romes

    Thank you so much for this post, Caleb and Linda! ♥

    • Caleb Pirtle

      We love your work, Jan. Always have.

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