Daily Review: No Perfect Fate by Jackie Weger

The book made me cry with joy, laugh with sorrow, and become frustrated with the process of falling in love.

Cleo Anderson’s people skills are hesitant and her life broken, yet she is determined to leave her past behind. Alone is good and she is finding her way.

Drawn to a fish camp in the wilds of the Okefenokee Swamp, she parks her Play-Mor where gators yawn, bears slumber, and snakes slither. The camp pace is slow, the owner kind, and the people friendly.

Cleo encounters Fletcher Freemont Maitland and his goddaughter, eleven-year-old Katie. Cleo didn’t know her life was about to unravel yet again, her heart would shatter, and that Fletcher Maitland would help her mend.

But Cleo is about to find these things out the hard way. Both Fletcher and Katie will change her life and if Cleo does not learn to accept that life is bountiful and fate imperfect, she will lose both forever.

Jackie Weger

Review by Arkansas Reader:

I seldom leave a five-star review. I keep that for really special books–and this is one. A perfect mix of tears and laughter, it is so much more than a romance.

You can get a synopsis of the plot from other reviews, but let me add that the author has laid the groundwork for the quirks and actions of the characters. They are well-drawn personalities, imperfect people who were formed by their pasts, people who have demons to conquer before they can find peace and happiness.

It is sensual without being too much sex. It is sad but you will laugh as the tears roll down your cheeks. Jackie Weger has gained a fan. I’ll be looking for other books by her.

Review by Avtanner:

Cleo was raised by a bitter bigoted old woman -her grandmother. She was illegitimate and Gram never let Cleo’s mom forget what a horrible sinner she was-and when she died when Cleo was 11she told her to get as far away as she could from Gram. So Cleo married Peter. Frying pan to the fire- it turned out that he preferred men but he used Cleo to cook, clean, and put him thru law school…

Now at 30 Cleo is traveling in a camper and writing nature stories for children’s school books. She ends up in Georgia where she meets confirmed bachelor Fletcher and 11-year-old Katie- and Katie is dying from cancer…

Katie knows she’s dying and her strength and purpose crack open the wounded heart Cleo has. Fletcher is already in love with her but the past just has her under its control- but experiencing Katie and learning love can be good from Fletcher breaks Cleo free….to love and be loved.

This book brought me to tears but it was uplifting too. Katie made lists of people to tell hello to when she got to Heaven and insisted on having holes in the back of her dress for her angel wings….beautiful story…

Review by Western Reader:

How does one adequately review a book that has made the reader cry with joy, laugh with sorrow, and become frustrated with the process of falling in love? That was me, and I’ll do my best to intrigue others to take a chance on this excellent offering from Jackie Weger.

Cleo is a damaged soul … damaged by those who were supposed to love her and support her. Fletcher, in his own way, is also a damaged soul, but that damage is less visible and a bit less serious. They meet serendipitously … or was it fated to be? That it takes Cleo a long time to become comfortable with Fletcher’s attention, all the while picking at her memories like one who has a scabbed mosquito bite, was frustrating.

The secondary characters, who are really also primary characters, provide so much flesh and blood to the heart and soul of this book. Big Mama … feisty and a survivor; Ward and Marilyn … living with the knowledge that their sweet little girl is doomed to die; Magda and Ralph … filling out the cast of excellently written characters.

But it’s Katie … dear, sweet, aggravating, intelligent Katie who is, really, the pivot point of this entire book. She made me laugh; she made me groan, and I could hardly finish reading because of the volume of tears. Her faith … her strong conviction of where she was going and whom she would meet simply knocked me for a loop.

This book is filled with romance … the scenes of Cleo and Fletcher interacting were written with taste and restraint, and yet, there was no doubt in this reader’s mind of what was happening. I believe one doesn’t have to dot all the i’s nor cross all the t’s when describing a sex scene, and this book is an excellent example of letting one’s imagination fill in the blanks.

I urge you to get this book and set aside some quality time to savor Ms. Weger’s prose. Oh, yes … have some Kleenex ready, ‘cause you’ll need it. And you’ll be smiling, too.

Please click HERE to find No Perfect Fate on Amazon.

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  • Oh my goodness! Caleb Pirtle III…Where the heck did you fine those reviews? Thank you for such a wonderful presentation of No Perfect Fate. Here’s an odd fact. The unit is from my HQN back list. The senior editor told me to write a book that made readers laugh and cry. So I did. Next my revision editor called and said: Every editor in the office is crying. You have to revise. I said, “Nope. I wrote what the Sr. acquisition editor asked me to.” Now I’m indie. Writing a story my way without a hassle. I love indie authorship. You and Linda are gems. Hope you have a lovely Easter full of sunshine.

  • Jacquie Biggar

    Congrats on the wonderful reviews, Jackie. Well deserved!

  • Patricia Zick

    Very nice! Love the reviews and Caleb and Linda!

  • Effrosyni Moschoudi

    A wonderful read!

  • What wonder reviews for a mesmerizing book!

    Robyn M. Ryan

  • Sarah (S.R.) Mallery

    Great reviews, Jackie! Well deserved… And once again, a thanks to Caleb and Linda, for their endless support.

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