Daily Review: The Power Inside b P.A. Priddey

What would you do if you discovered you weren’t who you always believe yourself to be?

A story of magical creatures, witches, a warlock and his demons, set in modern-day United Kingdom.

Alex Aylward could only get around with the aid of a walking stick, so he never expected he would be running with wolves.
He never imagined he would have to save the daughters he never knew existed, fight demons, and live in a haunted mansion.

But when he dreams of future events, it all changes, secrets hidden for thousands of years are soon revealed.

P.A. Priddey

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By Summer Day

VESTA MANSION Was amazing journey, more like a fantasy of supernatural adventure. Characters that came alive, with wolves evil demons and many more. Alex character was a kind soul, down on his luck saving two precious girls that we’re in danger.

He wants to keep them from harm, he has to do everything possible, like to find a home to care for the two girls he called his daughters he truly loved them. This story was written very well, it’s a must read!! If you like a mystery and full of surprises and drama this is for you.

Fantastic read.

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By Molly Shea

What would you do if you discovered you weren’t who you always believe yourself to be? PA Priddey masterfully answers that question as he builds Vesta Mansion one brick and person at a time.

The night he rescues the twin daughters he didn’t know he had changes Alex’s life forever. While he is blessed with a new family and wealth beyond his wildest dreams, a darkness hangs over his head. He must do battle with demons who are trying to bring an evil warlock back to life.

The book ends without solving all of the mystery surrounding Alex’s identity.

Priddy is a master at spinning a tale, leaving the reader wanting more.

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By P.S. Winn

I think readers are going to love this fantasy adventure that combines supernatural and suspense along the way. Alex Aylward is a man whose life isn’t all that great, he uses a cane and life is not satisfying.

So, when he hears the voices of two girls calling for help in his mind, Alex is of course, confused. When he meets a wolf named Rho he finds he can talk to him in his mind and then Alex is on the adventure of his life, beginning with actually saving the girls whose voices he heard.

Soon Alex finds out a lot more about the mystery he has fallen into and when he is sent to Vesta Mansion the adventure truly begins. This book is a great tale that I think a lot of readers will enjoy and the author does a great job bringing everything today in this tale.

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By Julieann

Vesta Mansion is a fantasy adventure for all ages. I must admit, when I first started reading I wasn’t sure what I was getting myself into, but it didn’t take long for the story to take form and capture me with all kinds of pleasant surprises along the way.

Priddey is an awesome storyteller. While reading part one of this trilogy, I kept going back to times when my best friend’s mother would read to us when we were kids, then imagining parents and guardians, teachers and librarians over the world reading Vesta Mansion to children, their eyes gleaming wondering what’s going to happen next.

There are many characters here, and P. A. Priddey manages to give them all a spot on stage. Not easily done, but he sure made it seem that way. And, you’ll even find some characters in the most unexpected places. But, you’ll have to read to experience them for yourself. Wouldn’t want to ruin the surprise.

This book is quaint and exciting at the same time. The more I read, the more I vested myself into the Mansion and all its fantastical quirks, the characters, and the tale.

Fun, smooth read recommendation. I’m looking forward to the second book. Great job, P. A. Priddey.

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