Daily Review: Pursued by Jeff Joseph

The story is extraordinarily written to mesmerize the reader till the very end, which will shock and assault your senses.

Imagine finding love when it is least expected, and being so caught up in it that it entirely changes the direction of your life. Then just as you know for the first time ever where your life is headed and why that perfect love disappears, like a wisp of smoke from an errant spark.

Now imagine that after months of feeling sorry for yourself you suddenly find a reason to live again, love again, and decide to pursue your lost love no matter where it may take you or how much danger it might bring upon you.

In that pursuit, you uncover secrets, old and dark secrets, that are intent on making certain you not only fail but that you perish from the face of the earth. You will be tested. Will you pass the test?

Jeff Joseph

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By Michele Payne

WOW!!! Suspense, love, fear, this book has it all. Shocking surprises. Tom is an evil, jealous hateful man. There is also a mystery in this story about him, that your mind is wondering what’s up.

What you will do for those you love when a person has put you in fear for so many years, then you realize it’s time to take action Daniel, Abby, and Julie and they tell the secrets to Collin, hoping that the outcome will be filled with happiness.

Now that you will have to find out for yourself, so read this series you will like it. Thank you, Jeff, for another fantastic read.

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By Author Roy Murry

Boy meets girl and the sparks fly. Neither was looking for love but they found it through an endearing courtship. Romance is in the air.

Kat and Collin’s love affair reach heights that they thought was not possible. They became one in all respects, other than Kat being upfront about her paternal background. Because of his infatuation with Kat, Collin lets it be. It is what it is, as they say in today’s colloquialism.

All this changes when Kat, for Collin’s sake, breaks off the relationship; and she moves to what she considers safety from another person in her life. It is a threat that is looming, because of her parent’s unfortunate history with one unstable man, who is in a killing mood for revenge.

The story brings up many aspects of how we love one another and how we may become overly possessive. Where that line is drawn and when people cross it, is what leads to the conflicts in this adventure that may or may not go on blissfully, because the story doesn’t seem to be over.

That, of course, is up to author Jeff Joseph. I’ll be watching to see what happens because I enjoyed the characters.

Although this is the second book in a novel series and having read book one, A Novel Obsession, in late 2014, PURSUED read like a new adventure to me. In reading it, the connections between the two were interwoven smoothly. Each can be read solely based on its content.

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By Nancy L. Silk

This is a story of many regrets which several people have lived through for over twenty years. During this time these people have been threatened by one man, who seeks revenge and is able to stay below the radar of law enforcement. For so many years, these people have been unable to live their lives openly in peace and harmony.

Kat Phillips lives alone in western Montana seeking peace and solitude to inspire her to high goals as a writer. But also, she has closed off her relationship with her heart’s soul mate out of fear for him. Collin Laws had met Kat in college and they both are writers and bonded together right from their first klutzy discussion with each other. In other words, Kat had knocked the socks off of Collin to where the words he wished to say to her came out all wrong.

But over time, their love developed into a rare love-filled relationship, where one cannot live without the other. But now, Collin for three months being separated from Kat is severely depressed not understanding why she would break up with him. She has no family, according to Kat, but she’s not telling him the truth. There is something creeping upon her to seek this isolation.

While Collin is going through the closet which he and Kat shared, he finds an old newspaper article about the shooting of a bestselling author, Daniel Sheppard, of years ago which must have fallen out of Kat’s boxes.

What is the connection between Kat and Sheppard? Collin is determined to find out. The characters in this novel are very well defined, the story is finely honed to reveal all the past history of the characters, and is extraordinarily written to mesmerize the reader till the very end, which will shock and assault your senses.

Highly recommend.

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