Daily Review: Revenge by John Rose Putnam

As with all western adventures this story ends well with a ironic twist…read to find out. 

After Tom flattened Zeke in a fist fight the drunken brawler swore to kill him. Meanwhile Tom had to leave for San Francisco to meet his new bride and escort her back to Hangtown for their wedding. Zeke could be anywhere.

He could strike anytime.

Tom was in deep trouble.

John Rose Putnam

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By jjconstr

Masterful! In this ongoing tale of Tom Marsh, by John Rose Putnam, Lacey, is returning from the east to marry Tom after a two year separation. But enemies from the past surface, causing great difficulties.

The time of the California gold rush was fraught with dishonest and evil men. This book is filled with action, suspense, romance and acts of kindness. Lots of history here. You’ll feel like you are living the times.

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By Bill Leingang

Tom Marsh spends a night in a Sonora Jail, and meets the crookedest Sheriff of all. The Dawes brothers freighters hired to move a special order piano for Tom’s new bride. The brothers being disagreeable thugs set the story in motion.

Zeke the scar faced brute was all about beating and killing people. Great story telling and very easy to keep reading as the adventure builds. Character development is great as they speak it is indeed like you are there firsthand.

As with all western adventures this story ends well with a ironic twist…read to find out.

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By Bert Brandt

Rated 4.5, based on the history and geography lessons built into this tale set during gold rush days.
There’s always bad guys in westerns, but this story develops into one where it becomes a whole terrible family supporting the one seeking revenge.

Haven’t read the first four tales in this saga, but you get his history, the area’s geography and history, as well as the different ethnic groups populating the area. The best portrayed seem to be the Mexican-Americans who are not treated well, in general but manage to rise above their treatment. Sort of like our hero, who is Anglo. Even his bride and her companion learn about having respect for different ethnic groups.

Did this book ramble on? A bit, but it made the events more revelatory and had the later twists and turns to keep the reader’s interest.

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