Daily Review: Silenced Justice by Joe Broadmeadow

Silenced Justice

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By Sue Coletta

If you enjoy police procedural novels that go beyond the traditional, don’t look past this one.

Silenced Justice tells the story of justice gone wrong. The skill of the author is on display from page one. I haven’t read the first book, Collision Course, yet, but it made no difference. Loved the playful banter between LT. Josh Williams and his wife, Keira (she’s a hot ticket).

The storyline is gripping, with an innocent man behind bars, and Broadmeadow does a fantastic job of keeping us grounded when the story flashes back to the past to reveal important plot elements. I won’t reveal what happens for fear of ruining the story, but you won’t want to miss it.

In Silenced Justice we get a first-hand look at police procedures, politics cops have to deal with in the department, and the inner turmoil that affects so many officers. That alone was worth the read. The fast-paced plot made it all the more sweet. The black man/white woman angle sort of reminded me of A Time To Kill — that’s a compliment!

If you enjoy police procedural novels that go beyond the traditional, don’t look past this one. You can’t get any more real. East Providence Police Dept. Captain (Ret.) turned author Joe Broadmeadow hit this one out of the park.

Joe Broadmeadow

Amazon Review

By Point of View

Another fun, light read from Joe Broadmeadow. The humor and dialog keep you amused as you turn the pages to find the next twist or turn. If you like police novels written with authenticity and carry a local flavor, Silenced Justice is terrific. You don’t have to re-read the paragraphs to figure out what is going on our being said. However, a table of characters and their linkage might help.

In a way, Joe’s work is beginning to remind me of Robert B. Parker’s Spenser novels…except where Spenser was the only wise cracking character, Joe’s works are filled with a bevy of memorable wise cracking characters. Yes, it is earthy at times, but that’s what it should be and it is done well without being filled with really weirdo stuff or endless profanity.

Looking forward to the next books in the series…. and would love to see someone turn these into a movie.

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