Daily Review: Stranger Abduction by Billy Ray Chitwood

The story is a frightening one – the abduction of a mother and her daughter – but it becomes a haunting masterpiece.

It is a sunny Sunday in May 1993. After church, a mother and her lovely fourteen-year-old daughter walk three miles to a country store for cigarettes and ice cream. It is a walk members of the family often take in this rural Sulphur Springs Valley area of southeastern Arizona near the Mexican border.

The mother and daughter arrive at the store in a jovial mood, trading pleasantries with customers and the owners… The daughter timidly flirts with a boy from her school. The daughter and mother leave the store in a silly mood, finger painting ice cream on their faces.

They never make it home…

The deputy sheriff of the county believes there has been a ‘stranger abduction’.

There are lots of action, interesting characters, and romance to go with this fictional account of an incident inspired by true events…events that brought tragedy to a shaken family

Billy Ray Chitwood

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Can you imagine anything more frightening than a mother and daughter disappearing from a quiet rural road? That’s exactly the tale that Billy Ray Chitwood relates in Stranger Abduction. This is a fictitious account of an actual event.

A mother and daughter walking home from the store, happy and eating ice cream when evil pounces. The way the author wove this tale around all the characters involved is gripping. I discovered many sub-plots in this book and sometimes that doesn’t work. But, in this book, it worked perfectly and I had no trouble following along.

This is a chilling, well-written story that will keep you on the edge of your seat, break your heart and then mend it slowly but surely. A great read!

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By D. L. Finn

Stranger Abduction” is a well-written novel based on an actual event. A mother and daughter walk from their home to a store in Arizona and never make it back.

Mr. Chitwood gives a very viable and chilling account as to what might have happened next. Doris and Deena find themselves thrown into the human trafficking trade, while Deputy Jack Kiefer never gives up on finding them.

The details and characters kept this a page-turning book as well as the side story with the Deputy. This is a glimpse into an evil that is going on around us as “products” (a label used for Doris and Deena) are being drugged and used for other’s gratification or service.

I highly recommend this book, because even with a dark subject matter there are always heroes.

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By Gwendolyn Plano

The story is a frightening one – the abduction of a mother and her daughter – but it becomes a haunting masterpiece through the writing skill of the author.

I was entranced by Billy Ray Chitwood’s ability to create a scene through description and dialogue. Characters emerge warts and all; they are believable, they are people you might know. We travel with them through time and shifting circumstances and experience their world through the writer’s able pen.

This is a gripping story based on actual events, but it is also a beautifully structured novel.

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  • Caleb and Linda, I owe you not only my bit ‘Thank You’ but my apology! I found the e-mail in which I thanked you for featuring A STRANGER ABDUCTION in my ‘draft’ file – I had forgotten to pust the send button! Please forgive me. You two folks, I cherish! ♥♥♥

    • Caleb Pirtle

      Billy Ray: As well know, we can start, stop, or change life by pushing a button. Don’t worry. We think you’re one of the best writers around and try to showcase one of your books any time we can. Do you have a new one on the horizon?

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