Daily Review: Three Days in Seattle by Debra Burroughs

Wonderful characters, a credible storyline and a balanced combination of mystery/suspense with a romantic subplot made this book a real home run.

From NY Times bestselling author comes Three Days in Seattle, a fast-paced, flirty read that will keep you riveted to the pages.

When LA photographer Kate McAllister flies to Seattle in search of her missing sister, she finds irresistible real estate agent Ryan instead.

Little did she know that this trip would set her on a path of danger and change her life forever, for soon Kate and Ryan are entwined in a vengeful murder plot — and a simmering love affair…

Debra Burroughs

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By Janis D. McNutt

A Debra Burroughs’s book will always fit your mood. Sometimes I just need a Burroughs book to unwind from writing blindness or, it’s a needed rest from a long, complex novel read for book club but always, Debra Burroughs is a guaranteed thumbs-up – her novels are perfect for total enjoyment reading.

Three Days in Seatle is delightful. A nice little adventure to the Pacific Northwest where murder, mystery, love, family, tenderness, and caring take place in a well-thought-out plot. TDS winds it’s way right into your heart and makes you miss the characters once you’ve read the last page.

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By Jbgator9

Today I wanted a light romance to entertain myself and when looking through the covers on my Kindle Fire, I remembered that this book looked really interesting, especially as I have been to Seattle.

It was wonderful, and although I don’t usually like suspense,(don’t like to be scared), it grabbed my interest and I read it all in one day. One load of laundry got done but not much else.

Loved the characters, especially Ryan. Nice to have a caring man and no foul language in a book these days.

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By LoveToHandCraft

I read a LOT of self-published books at Amazon and seldom find one I enjoy as much as Three Days in Seattle. Wonderful characters, a credible storyline and a balanced combination of mystery/suspense with a romantic subplot made this book a real home run.

Kate, an LA photographer with a very busy life gets an urgent call from Suki, her sister’s roommate, explaining that Whitney has gone missing and imploring her to catch the next flight to Seattle. Kate feels that suggestion a bit premature, since it has been less than 24 hrs, and she is not inclined to panic easily, but Suki is relentless, so Kate agrees to catch a flight the following day.

Last minute reservations, multiple layovers and an unplanned landing in Boise lead to her chance meeting with Ryan, a successful Seattle realtor. The two feel an instant attraction, but because of the nature of Kate’s trip, phone numbers are never exchanged.

When Kate arrives at Whitney’s apartment, she senses something is off with Suki, but in her concern to find out what has happened to her sister, she pushes that feeling to the back of her mind. At the police station, she has a chance encounter with Ryan, who turns out to have a lunch meeting with the Jr. Detective on Whitney’s case.

This is an action-packed story, all happening in just THREE DAYS IN SEATTLE. It kept me reading into the night and continued to develop into a wonderful romantic suspense. I loved this book, and can’t wait to read further works by this author.

Please click HERE to find Three Days in Seattle on Amazon.

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