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Louisiana author FCEtier began his professional writing career as a freelance writer on subjects pertinent to music, essays, and book reviews. Though he spent most of his adult life in Baton Rouge, eventually splitting his time between Baton Rouge and Gulfport, Mississippi, Hurricane Katrina happened and he now resides in Western North Carolina.

In addition to his writing career he is a recognized photographer and on the Caleb and Linda Pirtle website we learn the following: `With an eye for the unusual found within the usual, Etier has been involved with photography for many years. A fan once remarked, “Give him an acre and he’ll find a million inspirations.”


Hoping that there are others who like what he sees through his viewfinder and who will support his interests, Etier is seldom found without his camera. His influences range from Shutterbug and Black and White magazines to Salvador Dali, with many others along the way. He studied art at Louisiana Tech University and independently learned the art of photography. “I’ve got a head full of ideas that are driving me insane.”

Bob Dylan said it and I’ve been living it. One of my ideas is the possibility that my work will be recognized. I have devoted my time behind the lens to exposing the extraordinary in the ordinary, whether it is found in the lines of an old face or a workbench covered with scraps. Although I’m inclined to express myself in black and white, a large segment of my work is in color.” These insights suggest the sensitivity apparent in Etier’s writing – that elucidating of details that enhance the readers experience with his stories.

FCEtier takes on a very bizarre topic for this, his first novel in the Barry-Hixon Series – it involves the training and experiences of a female assassin, one Claudia Barry (and retired, reclusive, former FBI agent John Hixon who has a relationship with Claudia that spans years), and after an exhilarating prologue in which Barry carefully manages to kill a female serial killer Sarah The Slasher’ Archer.

We then are informed of Claudia’s beginnings: `It had been in the spring of 1976, May actually. Claudia Barry earned her master’s degree at LSU in group dynamics that month. She had met a six-foot, overweight man with a thick black mane in a dark, quiet bar on Highland Road that was now nameless in her mind. The conversation and the catfish po’ boys were unforgettable.

“Perhaps, if I need a label, you could refer to me as `the recruiter,'” he said. “You’ll never see nor hear from me again. In reality, I don’t exist. I’m not the assigner. I don’t select the missions. I actually don’t know for sure what you are agreeing to do for the party that will compensate you for your services. That entity will find you when and if they require your services again. There exists a labyrinth of layers and contacts complicated enough to assure mutual anonymity. With the exception of ‘The Agreement’ we discussed earlier, you’re under no obligation to accept any assignment — but if you do, results will be required within the specified time allotted.’

Through this very clever psychological thriller Etier dissects the mind of `The Shooter’ – a woman in an assassin’s career whose motivations and introspection at the end of her career offer food for thought about more things that simply who decides when death should be planned and who is capable of these decisions: introspection, rationalization, nightmares and self-examination.

No, this is not a psychological textbook, but instead uses this premise to step into a mesmerizing intrigue populated with carefully groomed characters from billionaires to a once upon a time hippie whose mind is jumbled to others who pose questions of ethical standards not only in the gun for hire world but in business and government as well. Intense, intelligent and fascinating, this book introduces a very promising author.

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