Daily Review: Traces of Home by S.S. Bazinet

An enthralling read with twists and turns, humor and horror and, most importantly, hope and happiness!

Lea is lost and searching for home and safety. She doesn’t know she’ll have to lose everything to find them. Her fiancé, Dr. Matthew Howell, is searching for the lost Lea. When his search seems fruitless, it threatens to derail his ability as a Chicago surgeon.

Dr. Eric Lloyd and his mother, Margaret, try to pick up the pieces of Lea’s life and help her find herself. They give her all the love and security she’s always wanted. But they fail to help her make sense of her life when Matthew discovers her whereabouts.

When Lea and Matthew are reunited, both are shocked by what they find out about each other. But the couple is now a part of a bigger picture, and their actions affect the lives of those around them.

Matthew and Lea, the Lloyds, Lea’s parents and a psychiatrist, Dr. Paul Glass, are all thrown together in the mansion where Lea grew up. As it reveals its dark secrets, each person is also forced to face their unwanted past. But once those unwanted memories are resurrected, no one can escape the destruction that follows.

No one, especially the practical and cautious Matthew, is prepared for the possibility that destruction can also lead one back to his forgotten dreams.

S. S. Bazinet

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By Paris Afton Bonds

Often our weaknesses are ironically our greatest strengths. Bazinet grabs the reader by the collar and forces the reader, flinchingly, to look with empathy on each of the characters, each a reflection of ourselves.

Seven characters make a journey to rectify the pains of the past, and we see the exquisite evolution of each character.

An enthralling read with twists and turns, humor and horror and, most importantly, hope and happiness! Well, done Ms. Bazinet ~ take a bow!

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By Tracey Quintin

What an amazing story that has you delving into page after page, not wanting to stop reading!

There is mystery, intrigue, romance, friendships made and strengthened throughout this remarkable story.
There are so many twists and turns that you don’t see coming. You’ll be hooked and caught up in reading yet not wanting the story to end.

Each character is well developed and you can picture yourself in the setting as each event unfolds.
This is the first story I’ve read by this author and I’m SO glad I did!

I very highly recommend this story, it’ll have you on the edge of your seat wanting to know what’s going to happen next.

Brilliant job in writing this story S.S. Bazinet!! Keep them coming.

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By Cynthia Hamilton

From the very first page, this book is filled with a sense of foreboding. The lives of several people are poised on the brink of falling into unchartered territory.

I felt the undercurrent as the author skillfully set her characters on separate paths, away from each other, but not away from their destinies.

What I love so much about this author’s writing is her ability to take the reader on a journey into the hearts and souls of her characters, allowing the reader to examine their feelings vicariously.

She tackles so many big questions that lie under the cloak of everyday living, but are potential landmines when the origins of the pain they feel deep down inside erupt and threaten to wreak havoc on everyone close to them.

Besides giving us a fascinating, action-packed read, S.S. Bazinet shows the hope that lies underneath all that torments us mere mortals. Love, faith in something, and forgiveness can change anyone’s life by stripping away the fears and regrets that haunt us.

I look forward to reading the next book in this series!

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