Daily Review: Trails of Change: A New Sunset by Lana Lynne

Each of Lana’s books are inspiring and leave you wanting to read more about the characters after the story has ended.

Boyd Richards has traveled endless paths since the end of the Civil War. In this sequel to Home Always Beckons, Lana Lynne reunites the reader with the most complex character from her first novel. Boyd has been sent by Shanghai Pierce to the Kennedy ranch to assist in a cattle drive to Kansas on Chisholm’s trail.

In the days before leaving on the dusty journey Boyd is intrigued by two very different women he meets: Lucy Kennedy, the daughter of his new boss, and Hallie Price, a soiled dove working in the town saloon. Lucy Kennedy, a spunky reporter, introduces Boyd to the town with an article in the local newspaper.

Bitter from losing his wife and son while away at war and preferring to avoid attention, Boyd is none too happy at Lucy’s actions and is relieved to leave before he gets to know either woman.

The cattle drive yields encounters with many new people and challenges. These events trigger unexpected changes for Hallie Price and Lucy Kennedy. But the journey takes Boyd further than he ever expected to go when he encounters James Hawkins, who opens his heart to the Scriptures and his eyes to the challenges of others.

Healing the wounds of the past, Boyd strives to build a new life. Lana Lynne’s encouraging novel of redemption shows what can happen when one man pursues Trails of Change.

Lana Lynne

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By C. Roberts

I loved Lana Lynne’s first book, and the sequel I think is even better. I found my self falling in love with each of the characters. There is never a slow part, and you never feel bogged down in description.

The words are elegantly written and form beautiful moments in your heart and breathtaking images in your head.

When you finish reading this book you will feel like you can’t wait for the third book to get here. I highly recommend!!!!

Amazon Review

By SuzanneHarden

Trails of Change-A New Sunset by author Lana Lynne is a wonderful book! This sequel to her first novel Home Always Beckons-A New Sunrise follows Boyd Richards, who was first introduced in the previous book.

Boyd is an embittered former Confederate soldier who lost his wife and child during the Civil War. After meeting James Hawkins, a soldier who fought for the Union army and was severely disabled during the war, Boyd’s attitude begins to change.

Although James Hawkins is totally imprisoned physically, his attitude is remarkably cheerful and filled with hope and faith.

Boyd sees that he is as emotionally and spiritually disabled as James is physically. He envies James’s joy and freedom and cannot understand why James could be free of bitterness given his circumstances.

James tells him that Christ is the source of his joy and that his faith is what sustains him. James Hawkins is a pivotal character in the life of Boyd Richards. His life is forever changed after befriending this man.

All of the characters in Lana Lynne’s novels are expertly sketched. Her writing is reminiscent of the works of Laura Ingall’s Wilder, Lucy Maud Montgomery, and contemporary author Jan Karon.

Each of Lana’s books are inspiring and leave you wanting to read more about the characters after the story has ended.

And that to me is the mark of a very well written book!

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