Daily Review: Unearthing Truth by Danielle Stewart

A swift-moving, suspenseful, well-told story, engaging characters and with touches of romance and comedy.

Edenville has become home to Piper and her family. She hardly thinks about the fact that the man who raised her was a Serial Killer.

Her family has grown.

Her home is happy.

Life is good…. until a stranger comes to town.

Paisley Blackwood is on a mission – find the man who killed her Aunt decades ago.

When a lead on the case brings her to Edenville she doesn’t realize just how much she’s about to unearth.

Secrets Piper and her family wish would stay buried.

There seems no way they can all get what they need. – Not without a little help from Betty.

Danielle Stewart

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By Robin O. Harris

Danielle Stewart’s Volume 7 in the Piper Anderson series, Unearthing the Truth, is consistent with the previous volumes: swift-moving, suspenseful, well-told story, engaging characters and with touches of romance and comedy.

This book introduces new characters but closely ties back to the original serial murderer. Stewart is an amazingly compelling storyteller with the ability to command an ever-expanding list of great characters in a highly suspenseful manner, remaining true to her original work in both quality and context.

Quite impressive!

Once again, I highly recommend this book!

Amazon Review

By Loving MeMom

Edenville is the home of some of my best friends – created by a super talented young writer. When you read the books written by Danielle Stewart, you do become friends with the characters.

These are people you would take home for your parents to meet, you would gather around the table with them to share a meal and would trust them enough to allow your children to have sleepovers with them, and there are tons of other reasons to love them.

Unearthing Truth shows the determination of all of them, even when it can mean problems for this family group. When Paisley arrives in Edenville to search for the daughter of a serial killer, action of a sinister mood threatens not only Paisley but the serenity Piper Anderson and her entire family have experienced since the serial killer’s death.

Not wanting to upset the serenity they have achieved but still determined to help Paisley, the family gets involved in another great, spine-tingling escapade.

You do not want to miss this book in the Piper Anderson series. It is one you cannot put down once you read the first page. Enjoy!

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