Daily Review: That Unexpected Kiss by Tamara Ferguson

Her characters took me on an emotional journey that I didn’t want to end.

FBI Agent Dylan Nash is in Wisconsin searching for his father’s killer. While working undercover as a game warden in the town of Crystal Rock, he meets special education teacher Julie Thompson, and he’s immediately attracted. But the problem with that? Not only does Julie work in Colorado, but she’s involved with another man.

While visiting her hometown, Julie and Dylan become friends, but she’s devastated to learn he’s dating her best friend Kate.

A few years later, when a teaching position opens at the new Crystal Visions school for children with disabilities, Julie accepts the job and moves back home

Learning that a series of misunderstandings has kept them apart, Dylan finally confesses his feelings, claiming Julie with an unexpected kiss.

But twenty years ago, Dylan’s father was killed and Julie’s mother disappeared. Julie is obsessed with discovering the truth, and Dylan wants justice. When clues link her mother’s twenty-year-old disappearance to the man who shot his father, can Dylan keep Julie safe from a vicious predator?

Tamara Ferguson


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By Jana T

That Unexpected Kiss by Tamara Ferguson is the second book in her Kissed by Fate series and what an amazing book it is! I love the Crystal Rock world that the writer has created and I strongly recommend that you read also the other series that take place in the same ‘universe’. It is so cool how you find out small things that were left unsaid in the other books and you sort of thought that you might know what happened and … it is incredible!

That Unexpected Kiss is the story of the undercover FBI agent Dylan Nash and Special Ed teacher Julie Thompson. He fell in love with her the first time he met her but Julia did not live in Crystal Rock at the time and had a boyfriend …

And so the circle started – when Julia was available then Dylan was with someone else and vice versa and on top of it all, Dylan’s girlfriend was Julia’s best friend Kate. This dance lasts over few years but then the stars get aligned and Julia is back at home to stay and Kate and Dylan … well, you need to read the first book in the Kissed by Fate series to find out why they are not together!

I loved the chemistry that Dylan and Julia had, the caring, the considerations they took with their family and friends, the baggage they shared and how they worked together to solve their ‘baggage’. Tamara is an amazing writer that creates characters that we fall in love so easily but at the same time they are complex in a way that we find ourselves thinking of the long after we are done with the book and we hope that the next book in the Crystal Rock universe will give us more glimpses into her characters’ lives!

Read the first book and then sit down and enjoy the second book! Dylan and Julia will steal your heart and so will also their respective parents!

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By Bobbi Jo Wagner

That Unexpected Kiss (Kissed by Fate Book 2) by Tamara Ferguson is part of her Kissed by Fate series. This book can be read as a standalone but I highly suggest reading the first book too as you will love that one too! I love this author’s books. I know exactly what I am getting when I pick up one of her books. She takes me on a journey that is heartfelt, that will pull at your heartstrings and sometimes you even get a mystery.

Her characters took me on an emotional journey that I didn’t want to end. Her writing style is easy flowing, engaging and her stories are just well written. This book is about Dylan and Julie. Dylan is an FBI Agent that is working undercover as a game warden in Wisconsin. He is on a search to find his father’s killer. Then he meets Julie, he has an instant attraction to her. She has come home for a visit. Dylan and Julie become friends but sadden by the point that he is dating her friend.

What will happen when she returns to Crystal Rock for a new job? They learn that there are some misunderstandings that have kept them apart for all these years. What will happen when Dylan finally confesses his real feelings for her? Do they have more in common then what they realize?

Dylan’s father was murdered and Julie’s mother just disappeared. I loved both of these characters. They have so much chemistry and attraction together. They will pull at your heartstrings and feeling compassion for them. They are strong characters that are determined to find out what happened to their parents. Will Dylan be able to keep Julie safe from the evil that is lurking around?

They will take you on a journey that will leave you sitting on the edge of your seat in parts. The secondary characters are just as great and connectable. They are supportive and really do add more to the story. I highly recommend this story. I know you will want to see what happens to Dylan and Julie. What does fate have in store for them.

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