Daily Review: Whodunit? The Adverb Looks Guilty

If you’re looking to read something that will get your creative juices flowing, this is it.

I grew up in a world of storytellers and have spent a lifetime writing stories. I’ve poured words into newspapers, magazines, made-for-television movies, documentaries, motion pictures, and books, both fiction and nonfiction. If it weren’t for words, I’d have no life at all.

Whodunit: The Adverb Looks Guilty is everything I suspect about writing, including my own observations about the trials and triumphs of the writing life. The book is, in reality, a memoir, a writing primer filled with tips, advice, thoughts, and information passed on by my Muse, and my characters, as well as ideas stolen from the masters of literature.

Come share my frustrations, disappointments, and those wonderful moments when the words are snatched out of the air where they have been waiting all along, and the right noun, for a change, is slammed hard against the right verb, and I can sleep that night knowing all is right with the world.

The most damning two words in writing are The End. It means I have to begin all over again and plow the fields of my memories for stories that my mama said would be better off untold.

A long-ago story in a galaxy far, far away.

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By Eve

Caleb Pirtle is a gifted writer and the industry is lucky that he willingly shares his writing process with all of us.

Caleb writes from the heart and while he gives his muse much of the credit, Caleb shares his soul in every word he writes.

His quick wit, honesty, and tenacity inspire everyone to become a better writer and storyteller.

I highly recommend this book to every author climbing the ladder to success.

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By Smiley Face

Author of more than 75 books, Caleb Pirtle III is a legend.

Not only is he respected for his achievements, but for his encouragement and support toward other writers.

This book passes along advice straight from the heart and gleaned over a lifetime of writing. Along with practical advice are examples and inspiration – tons of inspiration.

If you’re looking to read something that will get your creative juices flowing, this is it.

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By Marvin M

This is a rare opportunity to delve into the thought process of one of the most prolific writers of our time.

You might call it a self-conducted tour of a talented writer’s brain, exposing all of his methods of constructing a book.

Well worth the time it takes to read it.

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