Daily Reviews: Moon Shine and Bones of the Earth

Moon Shine

By Sylvie Grayson

A thrilling novel of romantic suspense from author Sylvie Grayson.
After losing her husband to a deadly illness, Julia Butler is determined to look after her family, but this is the 1930s and times are tough for everyone. As the endless string of jobless men trudges past her farm, she does her best to hang on.

Then two strangers suddenly appear at her home. They are hiding something that places her family in danger, and nothing will ever be the same.

Dr. Will Stofford has become disillusioned with women. In an effort to heal his broken heart, he leaves his brothers behind and sets up his medical practice in the Kootenays where no one knows him.

Meeting Julia throws his plans into chaos. Will can’t turn his back on a challenge and he won’t rest until he solves this puzzle and puts things right.

If marrying Julia is part of the solution, then so much the better.

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By Nicole Laverdure

If you like western country stories with a dash of intrigue then MOON SHINE, written by Sylvie Grayson, will be perfect for you. I really enjoyed this book! It’s well written with charming characters like Julia Butler, her two children, Maggie and Jims, Dr. Will Stofford, and two mysterious personages called Ben and Ollie.

MOON SHINE tells the story of Julia, a young widow with two young children living on a farm in rural Canada in the 1930s. It’s set during the Depression when men had to wander long hours on the roads to find jobs to help their families.

These times were rough, especially for women with children and for young widows. Still, Julia manages well under the circumstances. However, two surprised visitors are discovered hiding on her farm. Are they dangerous? Who are they?

Danger lurks around her farm, but are Julia and her family in danger? Then the new town doctor enters into her life. Will has been betrayed by women and is not in search of another woman in his life, but will he be able to resist Julia’s charm?

Bones of the Earth

By Scott Bury

The Dark Age, eastern Europe: the earth has decided to rid itself of humanity with earthquakes, volcanoes and new plagues. Civilizations, even the mighty Roman Empire, crumble under the pressure of barbarian waves that are fleeing worse terrors.

Rejected by his own people, pursued by a dragon, young Javor heads for Constantinople, the centre of civilization, looking for answers to the puzzle of his great-grandfather’s dagger and the murder of his family.

On the ancient, crumbling Roman highway across haunted, deserted Dacia, Javor rescues the beautiful Danisa from a human sacrifice. He cannot help falling in love with her. But Danisa has her own plans, and when she is kidnapped again, Javor has to wonder: what is the connection between his dagger, his lover and his enemies?

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By Gae-Lynn Woods

Scott Bury’s THE BONES OF THE EARTH is one of those rare books I can sink into while the ‘real’ world recedes. This is the story of a boy who leaves his village to avenge his family’s murder and finds a world of terrifying mythical creatures, strange people with hidden agendas, and cities filled with unexpected luxury.

The characters and time period are captivating, and Bury shows us the main character’s (Javor) growth from unsure adolescent to a courageous man.

Bury seamlessly weaves together history, magic, and mythology and through several plot twists and double-crosses, makes you question who the bad guys really are. His explanation of the ‘bones of the earth’ is fascinating and believable – I won’t give the story away if, like me, this is a phrase you haven’t heard before.

He also alludes to the use of advanced technology by the people of knowledge, the Kobolds, and I’m interested to learn more about them. I hope they show up in future books!

If you’re looking for a read that blends history and fantasy, pick this book up and be prepared to lose yourself in an intriguing story. Five stars.

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