East Texas Writers Guild First Chapter Book Awards, Category II


THE EAST TEXAS WRITERS GUILD is proud to announce the winners for Category II, unpublished works or works in progress, in its first annual First Chapter Book Awards.

According to Roger Middleton, president of the Guild, “We received an overwhelming number of entries from around the world, including authors submitting from Australia, Great Britain, Canada, Cyprus, Italy, South Africa, Arkansas, California, Connecticut, Florida, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Louisiana, Massachusetts, Mississippi, Missouri, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Texas.”

Each entry was judged by three different judges from a panel representing, editors, authors, educators, and avid book readers. An additional three judges were brought in to select winners from the finalists.

Judges reported that the critical and overriding factor in determining the winners was this: Will the first chapter make me want to read the rest of the book?

The top three winners, five finalists, and ten semi-finalists will all receive digital badges which can be placed on the covers of eBooks, printed and placed on paper books, or added to Websites, blog sites, or emails. The badges may be used in any way the author chooses to showcase and promote his or her book.

The finalists and semi-finalists are not listed in any particular order.

First Place

Tiger Wiseman

Chill Well Before Killing




Second Place

Paul Paris

Flight Risk

Historical Fiction



Third Place

Thonie Hevron

With Malice Aforethought

Mystery Thriller




Patricia J. La Vigne

Cool Murder





A Year without Killing

Conspiracy Thriller

North Carolina


Jean Lauzier

Dragons of Blue Water




Vivra P.Beene

The Ravenwood Portal

Young Adult Paranormal



Maryann Miller

Evelyn Evolving




Cyndi Lord

An Eye for an Eye




Marvin Mayer

The Adventures of Preston & Oliver

Children’s Chapter Book



Janice Ernest





Janis Thornton

Dead Wait

Paranormal Mystery



Jane Gorman

A Blind Eye


New Jersey


Lorna Penland

A Man of Honor

Murder Mystery



Galand Nuchols

Play the Cards You Are Dealt

Young Adult Fiction



Sherry Scarpaci

The 13th Victim




Claude Forthome

The Day’s Madness: Wildfire




Shalanna Collins

The Darkness at the Center

Young Adult/Fantasy


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  • Caleb Pirtle

    My congratulations to all winners. The response was overwhelming. Many, many entries. Great books. Great works in progress. Fine examples of the best writing being done in the world today.

  • Jane Gorman

    Thanks Caleb! I’m honored that A Blind Eye was included as a semi-finalist.

  • Roger Summers

    Tip o’ the writing cap to each. And a Texas-size Thank You to VG for doing this.

  • JeanLauzier

    So excited…and pleased. Thanks for encouraging me to enter.

  • Tiger Wiseman

    Amazed, honored and thrilled to win. Congratulation to everyone!

  • Maryann Miller

    So thrilled to have another book recognized in the contest. I was hoping for one out of the two I submitted, and am so honored to have them both recofnized along with these other great books.

  • Maryann Miller

    Thanks so much to the judges for choosing another of my books for the recognition. It is such a thrill to be included with this fine list of books.

  • paulpnjr

    Thank you, Caleb. It was an honor to be recognized!

  • Love this stuff. If anyone wants to trade chapters with me, see me over on FB as shalanna.collins or visit my deniseweeks.blogspot.com pages and we’ll chat. (I have two chapters, one in each category, one as Shalanna and one as Denise, and both were semifinalists. I want to know why they weren’t first place, LOL!! So let me know if you want to talk or vent or chat or whatever! you can even email dlweeks AT tx DOT rr and you know you have to add DOT com to that. Congratulations to all the winners!

  • Janis Thornton

    I am so proud and thrilled to have been selected as a finalist for my published cozy mystery, “Dust Bunnies and Dead Bodies,” AND a semi-finalist for my unpublished novel, “Dead Wait.” THANK YOU so MUCH for this honor!

  • Excited by work was selected as a finalist. Congrats to the other top vote getters!

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