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Everything that is present is present as God only. John Hargreaves

WE MIGHT UNDERSTAND this idea better if we use the word energy. It’s not accurate, and I will get back to that, but it is a helpful analogy. It enables us to wrap our head around the idea that everything present is present as God only.

When we hear the idea said this way, “Everything is energy expressing itself,” a little click takes place. “Sure, that’s what it is,” we say to ourselves.

The sun sinking into the ocean is energy, the wind, the waves, the birds flying overhead. The tiny flowers, the huge trees, the person standing on the corner waving a sign, the one riding in the car beside me; all energy expressed.

We can also wrap our head around the idea that energy never comes or goes, it just changes form.

When I am looking out my window at the maple tree standing tall and proud, with its spring buds just beginning to show, while at the same time watching the wood in our wood stove burn to release heat, I can begin to see that it is energy being expressed in at least two of its forms, but it is still present.

Which means I might be able to put aside judgment about anything being better than another. It’s just energy expressed differently.

thumbNow that we have gotten this far, now that we have a glimpse into the idea that nothing is better than another, that one form of expression is just that, a different form of expression of the same thing; let’s update to the next level of understanding.

Energy is a symbol of a higher Truth. The reason it isn’t THE Truth is so simple. Energy is matter. It is not, not; let me say it again for myself, not Spirit. Energy and Spirit are not interchangeable. Energy is a symbol that enables us to begin to grasp the larger Truth, but it is not Spirit.

We know energy exists in the material because we can measure it. In fact, that’s something that we do all the time. We measure energy. How much energy output, how much it weighs, how far does it travel, what does it look like.

No matter how big the measurement is, like a galaxy, or how small, like a quark, we can measure it.

Spirit is not measurable. It is not contained in a form. It doesn’t have size, shape, or distance.

Hey, if we can’t understand quantum physics, an advanced form of measuring energy – and no one can – we can forgive ourselves for not understanding Spirit.

On the other hand, that’s the joy of it. We can’t. And yet we can experience it.

Haven’t we all, at least once, had the passing, but profound, experience of no matter, just Spirit. It is that moment that we rightly cling to knowing it is Truth. It is invisible, but experienced, if but briefly, as a tiny part of the whole of Spirit.

It should be enough to inspire us to begin to let go of trying to hold Spirit within the grasp of matter. We can let go of trying to make Spirit into energy so we can control it. Isn’t that crazy? The idea trying to control the Thinker! Ah, so silly.

Instead, it would be so much more fun, so much more freeing, if we stopped trying to visualize a better human life.

Sure, we can within the framework of the story that we are human and measurable energy. But, how much more rewarding it would be if, at least once a day, let of the measurement. If we let go of the trying to figure it out. Let go of fitting and squashing Spirit into what we know, and simply felt being one with the One that is doing the thinking.

The idea that in the moment we would feel the I Am as us, might propel us to that moment of letting go more often.

This doesn’t mean we don’t fully enjoy every single expression of “energy” we know. Flowers, trees, food, people, planes, trains, art, science, mountains, streams, moss, fish.

In fact, we enjoy them with greater appreciation because we are no longer comparing, or measuring. We know, that although they appear as energy to us, they actually are the expression of God, Spirit.

How glorious and freeing is that! “Ye shall know the Truth and it shall make ye free.” Oh yeah, let’s choose that. Let’s go forth into the freedom of non-measurable Spirit.

(Bible, John 8:32)

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  • Caleb Pirtle

    Beca, there is nothing in life more powerful than God’s energy that surrounds us, and it’s so real you can almost reach out and touch it. Sometimes you do.

    • And that is glorious isn’t it Caleb?

  • God is love.
    Love is God.
    Energy has no mass/matter.
    Energy changes matter.
    Love is a spirit.
    Love has no mass.
    Love can change people.
    I’m good with the connection of: love/God/energy/spirit/soul.
    Thanks for a thought provoking article, Becca.

    • Thank you!! Loved your thought process!

  • Amen!
    When God said, “Let there be…”, energy came from Him!
    That energy began all things we know.
    And, that energy will bring all things to HIS ultimate end!

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