Daily Review: The Ex Who Saw a Ghost by Sally Berneathy

Add in a stellar plot that is seriously funny and deadly serious, and you’ve got the ingredients for an awesome murder mystery.

Five bodies in a well.

One of them is the brother of a police detective.

That man’s ghost is Charley’s new best friend.

Amanda is thrilled that Charley can see him. Perhaps this means her ex-husband’s ghost is on his way to the light, to a higher plane, to Oklahoma, to anywhere so long as it’s away from her. Perhaps the new guy can direct him to the light.

But the new ghost isn’t leaving. He has an agenda, and it’s not finding his killer. Amanda, Charley, Jake, the medium Teresa, and the ghost’s brother Ross must hunt down his killer before one of them is killed.

Charley’s not worried, but the others don’t have his immunity to death.

Sally Berneathy

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By Karin

I’ve loved this series from the start and have always waited impatiently for the next installment. This installment is mix of light hearted humor and great suspense! This has it all including a very cleverly written and intense gun battle.

Very smartly done, I would never have thought of the twists in a million years! Guess that’s why Ms. Berneathy is the author and I’m the (very satisfied) reader. I am particularly enjoying the addition of Teresa to the cast of characters. She adds so much interest, makes an ideal side kick, and is perfectly sane…well sort of.

This story brings Amanda’s sister, Jenny, on scene. Jenny is an absolute hoot! Seems like Ms. Berneathy has nailed down that relationship where sisters are separated by a few years and develop so differently. You know, the sister you love dearly but sometimes you don’t know if you want to knock them out or crush them in a hug?

The only negative now that I’ve finished reading this book… I have to wait for the next one!  Ahhh, sigh… Bottom line, another hit from one of my favorite authors!

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By Bobbie

This is the forth book in the series and I’m going to give it a review nearly identical to book 3. It had several laugh out loud places. It was a cute, cute, cute story. I’m going to congratulate Ms. Bermeathy because there are few series books that I am sad when I finish one because I know it will be a whole year before the next book comes out. Couldn’t you write a bit faster Sally?

The story was fairly predictable. But the story isn’t really driven by the mystery. It’s more about the relationships of the people in the book, mainly Amanda and Charley, her husband’s ghost. Charley can’t lied now that he’s a ghost and it’s so funny seeing him trying to when that’s what he did all the time when he was alive.

Detective Jake Daggett and Amanda are still trying to start a relationship. Jake’s partner Ross is an important part of this book as is Teresa from book three who has become an additional ongoing character in the series. Amanda’s sister, Jenny, shows up in this book and is almost as funny as Charlie.

The problem I see with this series, for me, is I really want Jack and Amanda to get together but how will that happen with Charlie stuck to Amanda? I hope Ms. Berneathy can solve this problem to everyone’s satisfaction.

I would not recommend this book as a stand-alone or to be read-out-of-order, but the books are wonderful fun. Go right now and get the first book, The Ex Who Wouldn’t Die, if you haven’t read the previous books. You won’t be sorry!

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By Chloegirl

This is definitely an entertaining whodunit! Motorcycle mechanic extraordinaire Amanda is surrounded by an eccentric cast of characters- the ghost of her pain in the ass ex-husband, a good friend who can see & talk to ghosts, two hunky cops – one who she is trying to develop a relationship with, a crazed hormonal 9 months pregnant sister, and the ghost of a recently murdered brother of the other hunky cop.

Then add in a stellar plot that is seriously funny and deadly serious, and you’ve got the ingredients for an awesome murder mystery. I have been waiting two years for this book to release & it was definitely worth the wait!

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