Daily Review: Fatal Chocolate Obsession by Sally Berneathy

Same loveable characters, and a story intertwined with murder and intrigue.

A bouquet of roses, a bottle of wine, a crystal butterfly…and a dead man in the alley behind Death by Chocolate. Gifts for Lindsay, left in the middle of the night.

Is her ex-husband Rick between girlfriends and pursuing her again? Did he leave the roses and wine? He has done the out-of-season Santa Claus thing before. But when the crystal butterfly appears, Rick is in the hospital after a brutal attack leaves him near death.

If not Rick, then who? Is it someone she sees every day? The tall man who refuses to look her in the eye? The short man who looks her in the eye too long? The skinny man with crossed eyes who might or might not be looking her in the eye?

As the body count rises, Lindsay begins to see danger everywhere. Lindsay, Fred and Trent must catch this psycho stalker before someone else dies. Not bad enough he kills people. He also murders the English language in the horrible poems he leaves for her.

Butterflies are free and so are we. 
Come fly away with me for all eternity. 
I’ll shelter you from harm, 
and always keep you safe and warm. 
Anyone who troubles thee 
will feel the wrath of me.

Sally Berneathy

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By Sue Hanson

Wow! Once again Sally Berneathy has hit it out of the park with this book. Same loveable characters, murder, intrigue, and…Well, I will let you figure the rest out! I love how all of Sally Berneathy’s characters are so well developed and each one is so very different.

If you haven’t read any of the “Death by Chocolate” series, then do yourself a favor and start now. You can start at the first book and read forward (that would be my choice) or you can start with this book since it really will stand alone and you won’t be confused. If you start at this book, be prepared to “crave” all of the other Chocolate books.

There are also some very yummy chocolate recipes at the end of each book! If you love chocolate and love to read, then this is the series for you. Have fun and enjoy the journey!

Amazon Review

By nuffy

I love this series. Each book is stand alone so you do not have to read earlier books to figure out what is going on. Although, there are characters that reappear, they just add to the current story.

The characters are so real to life, I would love to have a neighbor like hers. Fred is so cool. She did kill off a character that I would loved to have seen been added to the future mixes.

I love the book, because although there is a love interest, there is no blatant sex scenes. It also reminds us to be careful of strangers and certain incidents that we could run into.

A fun part is the recipes at the end of the book, yummy I hope Sally never gets tired of writing this series.

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