God created earth, then wrote a soap opera.

When all she has left are days of despair. Photo: The Writer's Cafe
When all she has left are days of despair. Photo: The Writer’s Cafe

I’VE HEARD THE PREACHERS SAY, “God created heaven and earth.”

I’ve read it in Genesis: “God created heaven and earth.”

I don’t doubt it for a minute.

But here came the people He made.

They came on the run.

Some were in love.

Some were mad.

Some suffered.

Some got rich.

Some ended it all.

And earth went to hell in a hand basket.

The man is ruggedly handsome.

But he’s tired.

He’s homeless.

He’s on the prowl.

He takes what he can get, and he takes it often.

Easy come.

Easy go.

And it’s not always legal.

He’s not a bad man.

He’s a desperate man.

He carries a gun.

He leaves a man dead in the night

And he’s on the run.

Another town.

Another time.

She’s a beauty.

But she’s bored.

She’s married.

She feels ignored.

She’s longing for love.

And here comes the desperate man.

He’s a rogue.

He has the gun.

She falls into his arms.

Was it love?

Or lust?

Or did it matter?

They run away together.

A husband’s heart breaks.

He’ll forgive her, he says.

But please come home.

She won’t.

She’s wild.

She’s free.

She wakes up one morning.

And the rogue is gone.

He left with his gun.

He left with the money.

Sadly, she has no other choice.

She goes back home again.

The door is locked.

The locks have been changed.

She looks through the window and sees her best friend.

She’s in bed.

Her husband is smiling.

The wife wails.

She has been thrown away.


She threw herself away.

She has just enough money for breakfast.

And a gun.

One shot.

One dies.

Which one?

It doesn’t matter either.

Genesis said it, and I believe it.

God created heaven.

He created earth.

But when He sat down to write, He didn’t write the story of mankind.

God wrote a soap opera.

My novel, Little Lies, has characters living in the midst of their own individual soap operas.


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  • Caleb Pirtle

    I still wonder if God rues the day he populated earth with people, then watched so many of them go to hell in a hand basket.

  • Caleb Pirtle

    My friend Jake Needham bread the blog this morning and sent me this quote: “Lear becomes as tall as the storm he crawls in; and a tortured Jew became God.” —Robinson Jeffers

  • The soap opera allows us to experience the emotions – the woman leaving her husband – without real pain. Many of us will learn from that and not have to experience all the heartbreak personally. That’s why there are stories. Little boring stories wouldn’t have enough impact to keep us from trying: we need to be slapped down hard.

    So that if we DO leave our husbands, we know exactly what we’re doing, and what the consequences might be. Saves a lot on the wailing side.

    • Caleb Pirtle

      On thing about you, Alicia, you don’t use a glove when you do the slapping.

      • Was I supposed to? I thought that was the idea – to give it to you as unvarnished as a writer can, short of actually living it.

  • jack43

    Only the names change to protect the guilty…

    • Caleb Pirtle

      The guilty tend to dominate most stories, Jack. I’m running out of names to use. I’m down to Jack Woodfin and Steve Durish.

      • I have a line, ‘There ARE no innocents.’

        • Caleb Pirtle

          I know I’ve never met any above the age of six months.

  • Don Newbury

    OK, so an opera followed on the 8th day. Someone said on the 9th, stores had their first mattress sales….

    • Caleb Pirtle

      And that’s why Adam and Eve could create the first child in comfort.

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