Inside the Literary Mind of Kimberly McGath

I was able to reveal Zodiac’s secrets and unveil the serial killer’s identity.

Kimberly McGath received her Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from the University of South Florida. Her law enforcement career spanned more than a decade in which she worked in the Special Victims Unit, Mounted Patrol, and the Criminal Investigations Bureau.

McGath was the first and only detective in her agency to discover the whereabouts of a clandestine grave without an informant. She exhumed the boy of the female victim, which led her on the hunt of a serial killer.

McGath worked in various undercover roles and obtained many confessions from murderers and other violent felons. She earned the nicknames “Tenacious K” and “Bulldog” because of her relentless pursuit of the truth.

McGath received various academic awards and was recognized by the U. S. Secret Service for her investigation which lsd to the recovery of a fugitive from Kansas who had been hiding for more than twenty years. She has worked high profile cold cases, which have received worldwide media attention.

McGath is also a singer/songwriter and a married mother of three. Kimberly McGath is the co-host, along with Award-Winning author Sue Coletta, of Partners in Crime on Writestream radio.

Kimberly McGath

Question: Tell me about your newest book and what was the inspiration behind your writing it?

Kimberly: My latest guide is entitled Let Them See. My inspiration came from my strong desire to help other parents avoid serious consequences of eye disease through knowledge and prevention. Uveitis is one of the leading causes of blindness in children and most people have never heard of the condition or are not aware that other diseases such as Zika and measles can cause the illness.

My first book dealt with my investigation into The Zodiac, who murdered young couples during the 1960’s and 70’s. Zodiac taunted police and the media including cryptic messages in his letters, baffling investigators. The mystery has endured for decades, consuming many. After my investigation, I was able to reveal Zodiac’s secrets and unveil the serial killer’s identity.  The true crime book was titled: Zodiac, Settling the Score.


Question: Why and when did you decide to become a writer?

Kimberly: About a year ago, I decided to turn in my badge and gun for a pen. Reaching the point in my career where I felt I had done all I could, I felt I could reach more people through writing.


Question: What book has been the greatest influence on you and your writing and why?

Kimberly: Sue Coletta’s book Marred has thus far been the greatest influence on my writing, because she is a master at her craft.


Question: Where do you find ideas for your books?

Kimberly: Much of the ideas for my books have come from life experience as my first two releases are “true crime” and a medical guide respectively. An avid book reader as a child though, my imagination has been well nurtured, so I have more ideas than the time needed to write about them all.


Question: Where do you find ideas for your characters?

Kimberly: Most of my characters thus far have been based on real people, but my fictional characters are generally founded from an idea or plot and their character grows as I write. Some of my ideas come from my love of philosophy, physics, and mysticism.


Question: How would you describe your writing style?

Kimberly: My writing style thus far has been either expository or persuasive, but I have also written some short stories in narrative. My upcoming fiction work will be written with a strong voice of the protagonist.


Question: What do you consider the most difficult part of writing a book?

Kimberly: The formatting is the most difficult part of writing a book for me whether it is spacing, margins, tabs, etc.


Question: What are your current projects?

Kimberly: Currently I am working on a trilogy entitled Rewritten In Cold Blood.

Please click HERE to read more about Zodiac, Settling the Score.

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  • Wow. I’m so touched. Thank you!
    I loved Zodiac, Settling the Score. Kim’s theory of the case blew my mind. She cracked the case!!! You’re amazing in so many ways, Kim.

    • Caleb Pirtle

      I am in total awe of Kim’s work, both on and off the printed page.

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