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OUTSIDE MY WINDOW, the trees were swaying, the clouds were racing across the sky, and the bird feeder was barely staying attached to its post.  As I watched these events, it occurred to me that if I didn’t know about the force called wind, I might say that mystery and magic was at work.

Why magic or mystery? Because, no matter how hard I looked, I saw nothing that could explain why the trees swayed, clouds raced, or bird feeders rattled. The force causing their movement was invisible.

Of course, we know what that force is, we call it wind; and even though it is invisible to us, we accept that it exists by witnessing the outcome of its presence.

Beca Lewis
Beca Lewis

A few days before watching the wind, I got up one morning and opened the freezer to get one of the glasses that we keep there so we can pour soymilk into them and enjoy the frosty result.

When I didn’t see any glasses in the freezer, I remembered that they were all sitting in the sink, waiting to be washed. I was disappointed, thinking I would have to use a room temperature glass.

Del, sitting in the other room, heard me open the freezer and said, “I put a green glass in there for you.”

Looking in the freezer again, I saw the green glass.  It was invisible to me the first time because I was only looking for the clear glasses that we normally used.  What I needed, and wanted, had been provided for me, but my “clear glass” viewpoint had made it invisible to me.

If I would have begun from the perception that since Del was up first he would have noticed that the glasses were not in the freezer, and because it is in his loving nature to make sure there was a glass for me, he would have done so; then I would have immediately seen what was invisible to me while standing in a perception of lack.

This is the way it works – our perception, our viewpoint, our accepted paradigm – makes visible to us what is invisible (like the wind), or makes invisible to us what is already present.

As I watched the wind in the trees, I thought about the invisibleness of divine Love, infinite Mind.  Like the wind, we know Its existence by noticing the results of Its presence.

However, to most of us, some of the time, there is a big difference between wind and infinite Mind.  We accept that it is the wind that is moving the clouds, trees, and bird feeders. Yet, we often debate, hide from, or don’t notice, the consistent results of divine Love’s invisible presence.

If we carefully observe the moments of our lives, we will see the invisible force of divine Mind’s infinite loving nature in action.  Within that awareness, we will notice that every facet of life is connected and moving in perfect rhythm and harmony.  It’s not magical, it’s not mysterious; it is the force called Love made visible.

Sometimes we don’t see the results of infinite Mind’s orderly provision because we are looking for the results of Its presence in the way we expect, or want, to see it; like looking only for a clear glass, rather than beginning with the knowledge of consistent loving provision, which reveals the green glass already present.

To see what is invisible, we first remember that because it is infinite Mind’s nature to provide, what we need must be present now. To see it now, we look for the outcome of that loving nature, and not a specific material object.

Using this viewpoint, or perception, we are practicing the essential process of translating the things that we see back to their fundamental source, which is composed of qualities; and that in turn reveals the ideas of infinite Mind already present – the invisible made visible.

This practice is a prayer, the answer seen in proportion to how willing we are to see the invisible made visible in every facet of every life. We are learning how to see heaven on earth, to witness the practical outcomes of the consistent presence of divine Love.


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  • Caleb Pirtle

    Beca: That which we don’t see or can’t see is almost always more powerful than what we do see. The invisible is always around us and waiting to be found. Too often we don’t stop and look. Thanks for reminding us that we should.

    • Beca Lewis

      Ah – so true Caleb! Much more powerful and definitely waiting for us to notice! Thank you!

  • Darlene Jones

    Love is invisible, yet we know it’s there and that’s all that counts.

    • Beca Lewis

      SO true Darlene!!

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