Money Land by R. S. Guthrie

Money Land

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By BenjFranklin

Guthrie continues the adventures of Sheriff James Pruett and his constituents who won’t give up and will do anything to protect their homes and ways of life.

Money Land is an intriguing mystery — a tale that you NEED to keep reading because you don’t want to miss out on the answers to all the questions the talented author R. S. Guthrie creates in your head.

Although this can be considered a sequel to Blood Land, it’s a great book that easily stands on its own (though you should consider reading Blood Land before or after Money Land — you’ll get an even deeper most captivating experience).

Not sure I’d like to visit the fictional town of Wind River, Wyoming — I prefer quiet bergs, and Wind River isn’t one of them! On the other hand, I wouldn’t mind meeting Sheriff James Pruett. He’s a well-defined, motivated protagonist. Thanks to Guthrie, you can feel his pain and feel his determination.

I usually judge a book, not by its cover, but whether or not the ending is satisfying. Money Land delivers — just like a drug cartel delivering drugs — and you’ll be glad you spent a few hours reading it. Five stars!

R. S. Guthrie

Amazon Review

By Cheryl Stout

This is the second book I’ve read by author Guthrie. The first was Blood Land aka DARK PRAIRIES – the first in the Sheriff James Pruett series. I recommend reading BLOOD LAND before diving into MONEY LAND. You would probably understand what was going on in BLOOD LAND but why miss out on another stellar book?

The s*** has hit the fan for Sheriff Pruett’s county. A Mexican cartel plane carrying millions of dollars heading to Canada to be laundered crashes in the high country and the cartel wants their money back – no matter what.

Brutal, twisty, turny, rather unbelievable at times (but this is fiction) – author Guthrie continues the adventures of Pruett and his constituents who won’t give up and will do anything to protect their homes and ways of life.

Super characterization (I feel like I know these characters personally); spot-on dialogue; a fast paced, exciting storyline – all come together in this winner of Guthrie’s.

I’m already looking forward to the next book in the series – HONOR LAND


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  • Sara Marie Hogg

    I have been a fan of R. S. Guthrie since I read Blood Land. I would not have known about this excellent writer without the help of Venture Galleries. Guthrie’s choice of book covers always draws me in as well. A big thank you to Venture Galleries for introducing us to so many fine writers, and a big thank you to Linda Pirtle for her excellent book reviews. I am not alone in my deep appreciation for all the tireless work she and Caleb do to help fellow writers.

  • torpedoted

    I kind of backed into being a R. S. Guthrie fan..I met him in a totally different setting and found he was an author and so of course I had to get his books,,my only problem of the time,,some years back,,I had no kindle..I was lucky enough to know someone who was upgrading to the kindle fire that had just came out and he gave to me my first kindle. It was on after that,,I have every book written by Mr. Guthrie, including his newest, Honor Land which I have just started. The way he writes just captures me, holds me, and draws me into the story,,you will not be disappointed by anything you decide to read by R. S. Guthrie..A Hell of an author,,a hell of a man..

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