Daily Review: Murder in the Theater by Christa Nardi

A complicated and awesome tale set against the backdrop of the theater as well as Cold Creek College.

The drama program has never been so dramatic.

It’d be the season to be jolly if only someone hadn’t set the stage for murder. When a student is arrested for the crime, Professor Sheridan Hendley is cast in the role of amateur sleuth. Tensions run high, friendships are strained, and the college administration is beginning to panic.

As the plot thickens Sheridan is yet again drawn deeper into danger. Will she find the truth before the final curtain call?

Cold Creek Series Book 4, Murder in the Theater by Christa Nardi, is another great cozy mystery.

Christa Nardi

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By . Fowler

I have really enjoyed all of the books in the Cold Creek series, and this one was especially good. Sheridan and Kim don their investigating caps again as they try to clear a Cold Creek College student of murder charges in the death of the director of the Altavista theater.

It is so enjoyable seeing the two of them put their heads together, and Sheridan is a great protagonist. I was especially interested in how she handled all the interactions with the College Administration, as well as her every day routine as a professor of psychology.

I am even starting to get a soft spot for her colleague, Max, and it was great to see Brett and Sheridan’s relationship move forward as well.

Although this book is the fourth in the Cold Creek series, it can stand on its own, but you really shouldn’t miss all the other books in the series, which I highly recommend.

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By Jeanie Jasckson

Murder in the Theater offers a complicated in awesome tale set against the backdrop of the theater as well as Cold Creek College. The newest murder investigation moves close to home when Marty’s nephew becomes prime suspect! Each book seems even better than the last and this one tops the list.

This time Marty turns to Kim for help, but of course that pulls in Sheridan who can’t resist getting involved. Finding the murderer of a woman reviled by all may be one tough assignment and Marty is too close to the case to be much help. The investigation competes with family stress as Thanksgiving nears.

I love that Sheridan’s personal life as well a her job flow through the investigation helping to maintain a balance for the reader and greater insight into our protagonist.

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