Did they have all the evidence they needed?

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Chapter 63

Angus and Skeeter struggled with trembling hands to open the lock on the laboratory door, so they could get back in the lab and hide from whoever was coming in the front door of the townhouse.  “Damn!” Angus hissed.  “What happened? We did not re-lock this door. One of the locks must re- lock automatically.”  When it was open, they left the door ajar and went back on the landing to listen.

“I am running so late with my appointments today—I have never had to finish when it had been dark for so long.”  Iris said to her companion.

I don’t know, Tansie.  He hasn’t even been here to get anything dirty, since I cleaned it last!  Why the bloody ‘ell should I clean it again?”

“No point, really.  Just spread some polish around a bit and we’ll go on over to the White Lion Pub.”

“You are right, dearie.  He wants it cleaned every week, no matter what, but what does he know?  I will just put some of this lemony stuff on thick and call it done with.  You don’t think he has a video camera somewheres making sure I did it, do ya?”  Iris was jittery.

“He is such a strange bloke.  I wouldn’t put it past ‘im.  We may have our fifteen minutes of fame, I’ll put it that way!”

“Okay—wait one minute, then, we’ll be off.”

Angus and Skeeter strained to hear what the voices on the first floor were saying.

“Is that cleaning women?”  Skeeter asked in a whisper.  “It seems mighty odd that our boy Reggie would allow anyone to invade his space.  And why are they here at night?  This is a mindblower.”

“I think it is—a couple of cleaning women.  I think they will be leaving soon and we can make our getaway.”

“I hope so.”  Skeeter agreed.

“Okay!  I think it looks like I cleaned it again.  The kitchen was spic and span,” Iris announced to Tansie.  “I even left a can of cleanser on the counter, like I was forgetful.”

“Good idea.  Cover your arse!”  Tansie exclaimed, getting impatient.

“What if we are on a video?  We could someday wind up as Page Three girls in the Sun, if it fell into the right hands.”  Iris blurted out, then giggled.

“Yeah, right.  I can’t wait.”  Tansie said sarcastically.

As he concentrated on every word, Angus tensed, then announced.  “Good, I think they are going.” Skeeter nodded back.

Iris gathered up her cleaning supplies, then, she turned to Tansie.  “Wait!  I have a terrible odd feeling something is amiss.  Maybe we should check the other floors.”

“Now what would be amiss?  No one has been here.  Is a dead body splayed out somewhere up there?  Your imagination is working overtime, girl.”  Tansie chided.

“Okay, you are right.  If there is a dead body, I don’t want to know about  it, but it probably wouldn’t surprise me none.  Let’s go.  I’m getting thirsty.”

On the landing Skeeter turned to Angus and whispered.  “I don’t hear anything, do you?  I think they are gone.”

“Let’s go down a way and check.  Then, we can come back up and lock the door to the lab.”

“Okay.  You go on down Angus and I will wait here.”

When Angus returned, he said, “I should lock this lab door in triplicate, the way we found it, but I am not going to.  I think we may want to come back one more time, after we meet with Sullivan’s friend and check some of the fine points of British law. It will save time when we come back.”
“Sounds good to me,” Skeeter agreed, “but what are you thinking, if you don’t mind me asking?”

“I don’t know.  It’s a gut feeling.  I think we have all the evidence we need to present to Scotland Yard.  I will tell him basically what we have, and ask him if he thinks we need anything more.  If so, we may need to go back in and get it.  We should also, email our photos we took here, our evidence,  to Sullivan later, for a back up.  In case we have a glitch, he can email them back to us.”

“Good idea, Angus.”

“Since the cleaning women came in here at night, I am feeling uncomfortable about going over Reggie’s vehicle, now.  Let’s just do a quick once over, in the dark, and come back later to check the interior.”

“You have a deal!  Now, let’s get a move on, pardner.”

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