Everyone, it seemed, had a hidden agenda.

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Chapter 10

“You are most welcome, Officer Carlyle.  I will inform my men to be vigilant in looking for these criminals on our side of the border.  They are very slippery, or we would already have them in custody for other crimes.  If you have any further developments, please inform me at your earliest convenience.” Inspector Padilla replaced the receiver on his phone just as his secretary Maria Calderon was entering his office with a small stack of papers.

“Here is the information you requested,” Miss Calderon said as she handed her boss the stack.

“Thank you very much, dear.  That did not take you long,” Padilla replied.  She smiled and left as quietly as a marauding mouse trying not to awaken a sleeping cat.

After he was sure she had left the room, Inspector Padilla said to himself out loud, “Sometimes it doesn’t hurt to know exactly who you are dealing with.  He began to study the two bios with great interest.  His mind was gleaning the high spots of two narratives.

Angus McClain Carlyle

     Angus McClain Carlyle was born in 1970 in Corpus Christi, Texas where his father was stationed during tumultuous times for the USA.  His father, Michael Patrick Carlyle was a geologist who eventually worked for major Texas oil companies, including Exxon as a by-the-contract geologist.  His early work years were interrupted by his decision to serve in the Navy.  He later semi-retired and taught Geology courses at the University of Texas after his children were grown.  He is suited to academic life and enjoys taking his part-time students on geological field trips in the area.  He had two children, Angus the oldest, and Ian, six years younger.  His wife, Mary Catherine has always been a housewife.  They were Roman Catholic and attended church regularly.  The boys were active in church activities.  The parents did not want city life for their boys, so they made their home in Georgetown and Michael commuted to his jobs.  They loved Austin, however, and drove in frequently for shopping, swimming in Barton Springs, UT events and other exciting and progressive offerings Austin provided.  Both boys were active in sports and did well in football and basketball.  Angus decided to go into the service after high school.  When he returned from Fort Belvoir where he worked in the Army Engineers Corps, mostly as a surveyor, he remained in the Army Reserves.  He got a partial scholarship to Trinity University in San Antonio based on class standing, and he used the G I Bill to supply other needed funds.   His father was capable of paying for Angus’ education, and he had many important contacts in the world of geology, but Angus wanted to be self-sufficient and also wanted the best for his younger brother and a secure future for his parents as they aged.   He wanted to follow his father’s path and got a degree in Geology.  He decided to continue his education, but had a change of heart.  He loved Geology, but thought the jobs connected with it were too boring, so he got a masters degree in police science.  He was influenced, perhaps by his paternal uncle, Pat, who had been a police officer in San Antonio and had many exciting tales to tell the boys.  Pat had also been wounded a couple of times in the line of duty and was sidelined but he quickly recovered.  Angus had stopped going to regular church services in college, a habit that often had his mother wringing her hands. Angus Carlyle married Gloria Maria Hague, a college classmate, in 1998, shortly after he got on with Austin PD, and they made a home in Austin.  There were no children.  They were officially divorced in 2001 no interlopers cited in the divorce documents.  Angus has made a name for himself in the Austin homicide division and has a reputation for solving unsolvable crimes.  He has gotten written up repeatedly for not following protocol to the letter, but the write-ups appear to have been formalities as he is well-respected and was instrumental in solving two major crimes involving dangerous serial killers

(see a re-cap of the serial murders in additional pages).  He was seriously wounded while trying to solve these cases.


See photos, also.

Angus McClain Carlyle

Height: 6’ 1 & 1/2”

Weight:  175-190 pounds (can vary)

Build: muscular

Hair:  medium brown

Eyes: light blue-green

Complexion: very light olive

Identifying marks: no congenital identifying marks or mechanical tattoos.  Left leg broken in two places, above and below the knee, and these injuries required surgeries that left incision scars.  Small scar over right eyebrow (1 mm) due to childhood sports injury.

Aliases, none.  Nickname: Mutt

Disguises: no known

Hobbies: reading true crime, history unsolved mysteries, collecting fossils, fishing and golf, occasional wood-carving and woodworking, watching television shows concerned with science or history

Kerry Elizabeth “Skeeter” Sherwood

Kerry Elizabeth “Skeeter” Sherwood was born in 1975 in Littleton, Colorado.  Her father, Leo Lewis Sherwood, a Denver police officer was made chief of the homicide division in 1995.   She was and only child and an average student.  The family belonged to the Presbyterian church and Kerry was active during her youth.  After her mother, Alene died in 1990, Kerry took over the care of the home and often the spoiling of her father.  She idolized him and wanted to become a police officer herself.  She could not decide between the University of Colorado or a Texas school for her education.  She finally decided on the University of Texas and got a bachelor’s degree in police science.   While there, she fell in love with the city of Austin.  Her father suggested she go talk to Captain Tyrone Sullivan, his old Army buddy when she was ready to go into the profession.  She had no trouble qualifying and made the highest scores in her qualifying class, but she was under height and underweight.  Captain Sherwood used some influence and Sullivan put her on a desk for several years where she proved herself admirably, then he finally let her go out on the street with Angus Carlyle.  Carlyle did not seem to like the arrangement at first, but Sullivan knew Carlyle would keep an eye on her.

Their partnership has grown to be an exceptional one.  They can anticipate the needs of each other without verbalization.  Sherwood was a victim of PTSD when she was beaten and almost killed by a serial killer she was trailing.  She left the force, moved back to the Denver area and married childhood friend, Robert “Bobby” Spaulding in 2005.  The marriage failed after a year and a half (no children or pregnancies) and she moved back to Austin after Captain Sullivan agreed to give her a trial back at the Austin PD, homicide division.  She reverted back to her maiden name as it was more recognizable in police circles. Carlyle had been working a desk, solo after his near fatal injury, also a probable victim of PTSD, and Sullivan put them back together working the street on old cold case files.  It was a gamble but Sullivan apparently knew what he was doing.  They have proved themselves over and over again as a formidable team.  Their combined efforts have more than compensated for their joint problems of PTSD.


See photos, also

Height: 5’1 & 9/10”

Weight: 98-111 pounds (it varies)

Build: muscular but feminine

Hair: very light brown, usually processed blonde, usually very short

Eyes: blue

Complexion: fair, slight, well-dispersed and widely-spaced freckling usually not noticeable due to cover cream

Identifying marks: no congenital identifying marks. No mechanical tattoos.  Apendectomy scar from adolescence, well healed, lower right quadrant

Aliases: none, Nickname, Jeff*

Disguises: known to have decoyed herself as a prostitute undercover on more than one occasion, using different disguises.  One disguise involves a chin-length, dark, pageboy wig.

Hobbies:  reading mysteries and true crime, watching old silver screen films, making éclairs and other pastries and breads (is not known to share them with others, makes them for herself in small batches), volunteers with children as time allows, crochets winter caps for needy children

*Officers Carlyle and Sherwood are called Mutt and Jeff by their co-workers because of their variance in height, like the cartoon characters of the same name.

“An interesting pair, unlikely comrades, according to this information but somehow it is magic,” Inspector Padilla voiced to himself again, out loud.  He looked at the various photos and smiled.  “Interesting, indeed.  I think I am glad I met them—for now, anyway.  Today everyone seems to have a hidden agenda, including me…….perhaps.”

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