He didn’t think anything was wrong until he collapsed.

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A VG Serial: Dark Continent Continental

Chapter 22

Angus followed protocol in removing his suit and put it in successive sealed bags to be disposed of.  EMS was agreeable to taking his disposal packet for that purpose.

“We were lucky, Skeeter.  These girls lived a few blocks off campus.  If they had been in a big dormitory, the whole dormitory would have had to be shut down and evacuated.  Maybe the whole university.”

“Still there will be a panic,” Skeeter answered.  “Parents will be calling up, jamming the phones, removing their children, bringing them home.  All kinds of weird stuff is going to happen.  Did you find out anything new, Angus?”

“The deceased is an African Studies major and she is white.  Her roommate, the girl on the lawn over there, Tanya Robbins, as you can see is African American and she is an art major, heavy into music, also, in her studies.”

“Well that isn’t weird, but it is interesting.  Did the body have an unusual look to it?”

“No.  It looked pretty much like a peacefully sleeping girl—it was more that sad, a young girl like that, with her whole life ahead of her.”

Skeeter turned to look back over her shoulder.  Another EMS vehicle was  getting ready to pass on her left and pull up to the house.  Then a couple of police cruisers pulled up.  It would be their jobs to seal and secure the property.  Skeeter hoped it would be awhile before the media arrived.  Maybe they were scared.  The police would have to keep them at bay.  She decided to check her cell phone for messages.  There was a text.

“Hey, Angus.   There is a message here from Brad Cooper.  I will pull it up.”

“What does he say?”

“He says: ‘I was at DFW on a connecting flight, when I got a message that Austin might have a BB.  I am on my way to Austin per the home office. –Brad’”

“I think we should just wait here for him.  This is where he is headed for.  We might as well hang back here and watch, take notes.”  Angus decided.

“Yeah, we might as well wait here for him, I agree.  What do you think he is going to do?”

“Well unless he has equipment on him—which I doubt, he is going to hang back and watch.  Then he will go pick up some equipment and go over everything again.  When did he send that message?”

“Forty-five minutes ago, about.”

“Hmmmm.  If everything is lined up in perfect symmetry, depending on how far along he was when he sent the text, he could be getting here in……”

“If everything worked perfectly, and he had a flight—he may have had to charter a flight to get here quickly—he could be here in a half hour.” Skeeter finished the calculation.”

*     *     *

     “Here comes a cab, Angus.” Skeeter was looking in the rear view mirror from their still-parked vehicle.  Tanya Robbins had been taken away to be quarantined by one EMS crew.  The other EMS crew was still at work and they had called another one for back-up, covering all of the bases.

Angus and Skeeter got out of their vehicle to see if the cab fare was Branford Cooper.  They smiled as they saw him get out of the cab and start walking their way.  The cab pulled out from the curb.  “I figured you guys could give me a ride somewhere else, if need be,” Brad called to over to them.”  He grinned, gasped, took two steps and collapsed on the sidewalk.


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