His mother was confident that the marriage would work out fine. An Unlikely Arrangement.

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Chapter 6 – 2

Elizabeth’s arrival at the cottage caused the familiar chaos of two pre-teen boys scrambling for attention from the wandering family members. Peter happened to drive up immediately behind her.

“Mother, Peter. Did you see her? What is she like? Was she pretty? Are you married yet? When do we get to meet her? What did you buy us?” Both blond-headed boys chattered over the other, vying for center stage.

Elizabeth laughed, and she and Peter each grabbed a boy around the shoulders and pulled them into the house.

“You will see soon enough, Charlie. She is coming for dinner tomorrow night. Now go finish the chores assigned this morning. I know you haven’t completed your tasks. You probably peered out of the window the whole time, waiting for us to get home. And you, Joseph, you have not finished the list I gave you this morning, I’ll bet.” Elizabeth ruffled the hair of her youngest.

They scampered off, and Elizabeth turned to her oldest son. “All is well, Peter. I believe I have won her over, just as I said. She agreed to come to dinner tomorrow.”

“I’m not so confident, Mother. She is not quite a woman yet. Her mind will shift back and forth. Maybe when she sees Charlie and Joseph, she will fall in love with the family as well as me. I think she really likes you.”

“She is a delightful girl, and yes, we connected. It will work out all right, my dear. It truly will.”

“I should go to the bank tomorrow, Mother. There is business to attend. The prospect of a new wife changes the face of things.”

“And I must ready things for our dinner with Ruth tomorrow. I will have a full day, I expect.”

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