The courthouse business was minor. He hoped the girl would be there again. Nelson & Cora.

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A VG Serial: Nelson & Cora

Chapter 8

Alberdeen, Kentucky, 1866

Nelson woke to the smell of coffee. His father had boiled water on George’s small stove and was sitting in the same chair he had been in last night. He drank his coffee and stared at Nelson.

“Son, you must have the clearest conscience of anyone I know. Never seen anyone sleep so soundly,” Randall said.

“Hard work. Clean living,” Nelson said and smiled.

Randall grinned. “Yes, sitting in the courtroom is hard, tiring work.”

Nelson laughed.

George came out of the bedroom.

“Sleep good?” Nelson asked him.

“No, actually. I slept on the floor,” George said. He was sore and not in the best frame of mind. “I have to go back to the courthouse this morning. Then, I have lecture this evening.” George smoothed down his shirt.

“Mind if I go along?” Nelson asked.

“Don’t you have to get back? Doesn’t he have to get back?” George asked his father.

Randall thought for a moment and went through the list of things that needed to be done at the plantation. He ended by saying that there wasn’t anything that couldn’t wait until tomorrow.

“I need to be on my way. Going out to see Alvis. Don’t want your Mother, Mattie and Gert alone out there too long,” Randall said.

George and Nelson knew that the real threat was from their mother.

They looked at each other. They had talked between themselves many times about protecting Gert from their mother. Most of it fell to Nelson, but George said when Gert was older, she should come to school here in town. The less time Gert spent with Analisa, the better.

“Are you staying another night?” George asked.

“I think so. I enjoyed the courthouse yesterday,” Nelson said. He started getting dressed.

George wanted to say that the girl wouldn’t be there. He wanted to tell his brother that if that was why he was going, he could just head on home. George couldn’t say that in front of their father. Instead, he glared at Nelson.

Randall packed his few belongings in his bag, including the knife he always carried with him, and headed towards the door.

“See you tomorrow afternoon, Nelson. George, good job son. Well done,” Randall said.

The door was barely closed when Nelson grinned at George.

“I thought you were going to let the cat out of the bag,” Nelson said.

“I can keep my mouth shut on occasion. But, so you know, that Cora girl won’t be there. She won’t be at the courthouse today,” George said.

“She may be. You can’t ever tell, can you?” Nelson said.

“Yes, you can tell. I can tell. She won’t be there. I’m only filing a motion with Judge Parker. I won’t be there long at all,” George said.

“I’d like to go with you, all the same,” Nelson said.

George gathered his papers and they headed towards the courthouse.

Nelson thought about Cora and the feel of her hand in his.

George said a silent prayer that they would never see that girl again.

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