The deadly secret was somewhere in Africa.

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Chapter 36

Angus was glad he made it back to headquarters before Skeeter had gone home for the day.  He had many things to get sorted and he figured she would wait for him to return.  She did.

“Well, how was she?”  Skeeter cocked one eyebrow when she asked him this question.  She had a hunch he would know exactly what she meant.

“She is fine, Skeeter—has just been off taking some R and R.  You know, I had never even made that connection until Sullivan mentioned it—that since some of the honey pots are very old, they could be coming in by way of antique shops.  It scared the hell out of me.”

“Yeah, I had not thought of that possibility either, until you just now mentioned it.  I thought you were just irritated because you didn’t know where she was!”

“Nah, that didn’t really bother me, much—but when you combine the two: ‘possible honey pots in antique shops,’ with ‘dealers are clueless about hidden dangers of honey pots,’ it was enough to get me going.  I had to warn her.  She will be discreet about it.”

“Good idea, ol’ chap.” Skeeter said with a hint of mischief.

“I’m sorry I ran out.  I considered it a semi-emergency to warn her.  Have we heard anything about Brad, yet?”

“Yeah, he does have a set of lungs arriving in Dallas—the family of a cop in Amarillo is making the donation directly—he went down in the line of duty and they are keeping the cop on life support.  Brad is going to be transferred to Dallas Medical City soon—they want to time it just right.”

“You feel like going over there now?  To see Brad?  We are sort of in limbo until we find out Sullivan’s decision on Africa.  I think we had better stay close to headquarters and keep our noses to the grindstone right now.  We can’t really go to Dallas for Brad’s surgery.  I would like to, but we have to be ready to roll, if need be, and there will be lots of plans to finalize.  We could go over to Brackenridge, now, and wish Brad good luck.”

“Okay, let’s go.  I have been trying to call import shops about honey pots but I have not had any luck so far.  Maybe we should make a master list between us, from all communities with victims and divide them up for calling.”

*     *     *

     “So, that is what has been going on with us, Brad,” Angus explained to their FBI friend.  “We want to go to Dallas for your surgery, but we think it would be imperative for us to go to Africa as soon as we have the opportunity, so that we can figure out who has done this to you and other victims, and nail them.  We are going to Africa to get contacts there who will report suspicious activity directly to us.  We are also contacting import-export businesses, about honey pots being sold in the US.  Can you think of anything else we could do?”

“No.  You’ve.  .  .  got it covered.” Brad said, with some difficulty.

Angus leaned over and looked Brad squarely in the eyes and said, “This is your best opportunity, man, you have got to go for it.  I have been told by people in high medical places, that if it takes, you will be almost as good as new, again.  It will take a little time, is all.”  He took Brad’s shoulders in his hands and gave a little shake as he exclaimed, “Fight!  When we get back from Africa, if we go,  in a little over two weeks, we will come see you, wherever you are, and we want to find you hard at work in re-hab—getting as strong as you can, following doctors’ orders to the letter.  Have we got a deal?”

Brad nodded and gave a feeble a thumbs-up.

After Skeeter pecked Branford Cooper on the cheek, she and Angus left the room.


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