The fifty acres was another piece of the puzzle for the plantation. Nelson & Cora. Chapter 7

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Chapter 7


Alberdeen, Kentucky, 1866

On the other side of town, Nelson and George opened the door to George’s apartment.

George was rehashing what all Nelson had done wrong in regards to Cora Ross.

Randall McGinnis’s figure, sitting in the chair next to George’s desk, startled them both.

“Father, when did you arrive?” George asked. He hoped their father had not heard anything of their conversation concerning Nelson and Cora.

“Not long ago, enough time to warm up by the fire. How did the case go? How was Judge Parker?” Randall asked. He stretched his legs towards the fire. He and Nelson had the same build, and they never could seem to stretch their legs out far enough to get comfortable.

George pulled the deed from the top of the papers he held. He had been in such a hurry to get Nelson away from Cora and Thomas that he had gripped the papers in a wad all the way from the courthouse to the apartment.

The deed was a little wrinkled, but Randall McGinnis did not notice.

“Well done boys. Very well done,” Randall said. He looked over the deed to make sure it included the fifty acres, the house, what was left in it, the livestock and the crops.

George had been thorough in his filing. Everything that had once belonged to their neighbors was now the property of Randall McGinnis.

“Nelson, how was your first day in court?” Randall asked.

“Much better than I expected. Much better,” Nelson said.

“That’s good to hear. Easier on me if you represent the family,” Randall said. “Keeps me from being tied up in town all the time.”

“I will be glad to,” Nelson said. He pulled off his shoes and sat down on the ottoman next to the fireplace. “Glad to any time,” he said.

George stared at his brother. Their conversation was not over, but there was nothing George could say in front of their father. Soon, Nelson switched to the chair and started snoring.

Randall and George talked late into the night about the plans for the fifty acres. It was another piece in the puzzle for McGinnis Plantation.

George grabbed a blanket and threw it on top of Nelson. His father took the bed, which left George the floor. He went to sleep with the sounds of Nelson’s snoring filling the small apartment.

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