They had already faced two major disasters.

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A VG Serial: Dark Continent Continental

Chapter 59

Tyrone Sullivan hung up the phone.  He walked out of his office and announced, “NO INTERRUPTIONS!”  He looked about to make sure every one in the room understood, then he went back into his office and shut the door.  He called up Dispatch and said, “Hold all calls!”  Then he got to work.

“Wow!  What do you think that was about, Justy?” Dave asked his partner.  I don’t remember him ever doing that in the whole time we have been in the homicide division.”

“Your guess is as good as mine.  Think we should try calling Angus?  I am getting a vibe,” Justy answered.

“Hmmm.  You could be right.  No, he may be in the middle of something that needs his undivided attention.  Until then, I am watching that door!” Dave pointed to the door to Captain Sullivan’s office.

“Yeah, you’re right,” Justy said, as he glanced about the room.  The other homicide detectives were deadly silent.  They were still in shock over Captain Sullivan’s strange outburst.  It possibly reminded them of their school days when an infuriated teacher had reached the breaking point.  You sat there with your face burning, you knew not to tread further or there would be dire consequences.

“What is going on with Angus’ lion wounds?  Did you hear any more about that?” Justy asked Dave.

“Skeeter has been riding him constantly about going to a doctor.  You know how stubborn Angus is, and he doesn’t want to go to a foreign doctor.”

“Well, I get that!” Justy exclaimed.

“So, to keep Skeeter from bugging him about it, he sent a phone photo of his back to Dr. LeBraun.  The doctor told him that it looks like they are doing a good job taking care of it, but he told Angus to go to a hospital doctor immediately if his temperature starts going up or if there are any marked changes.  I have a strong feeling they may come back early and not take the whole two weeks.  Angus has been hinting around at it.”

“I will be glad to see them.  I must admit that I have been worried about them.  They are so far away, with no one to help them, really, and right off the bat, two big life-threatening disasters.”  Justy made this confession to Dave.

“Yeah, me too.  I will rest a lot easier when they return for good.  We have no idea the total extent of the evil we are dealing with.  Someone that creates brainless bodies at random all over the world for reasons we don’t know—well they could be capable of anything.”  After saying this, Dave reached across and picked up the atlas.  Angus gave it to him before he left for Africa and asked him to update it with a red marker every time more bodies were reported.  Dave had done so, and he had had to leave the North American map and turn to the world map at the back of the book to make further entries.  Brainless bodies had gone global.

Sullivan’s door opened.

“He’s been in there at least two hours.” Justy whispered to Dave.  They watched as Captain Tyrone Sullivan went over and got himself a cup of coffee.  “He keeps that thermos of coffee in his office and he has already drunk his way through the whole thing,” Justy added.

Before he went back into his office, Captain Sullivan turned and faced the room.  He had an expression on his face like that of a boy that has just won a very competitive Monopoly game with his little friends.

“Reggie!” This was all he uttered, and he got so excited when he said it that he sloshed a bit of his coffee.  He then went back into his office and shut the door.

Dave looked blankly at Justy.  Justy looked blankly at Dave.

“I am not going to be able to concentrate on anything until I know what is going on,” Dave finally admitted.

Justy nodded in agreement.

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