They had to steer clear of mirrors and cameras.

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Chapter 41

“Did you get some Jungle Jim outfits to wear, Angus?  I am visualizing that, now.”  Eleanor purred through the phone when Angus called up.

“I’m sorry we couldn’t get together for a nice dinner or something before I leave for Africa,” Angus confessed to Eleanor on the phone.

“So am I, Angus,” she replied.

“Did you warn Ben about the evils of the honey pots?”

“Yes, I did and he seemed grateful for the information.  It could save our necks, after all.  I am confident that you and Skeeter are going to crack this case, and soon—but, please be careful, Angus.”

“I plan on coming back in one piece.  I will see you as soon as I can manage it, when I do return, I promise.”

“I’m counting on it, my love.”

Such went Angus’ final and last-minute phone call to Eleanor before the flight.

*     *     *

     Skeeter decided to ferry Angus and herself to Houston’s George Bush Intercontinental Airport.  She was going to leave her old brown Cutlass in the long-term parking at the airport.  It would negate an extra flight, and save the both of them some money on plane fare.  United Airlines had three direct flights daily, from Houston to London Heathrow.  Dallas had more daily flights, some with British Airways, but after considerable discussion, they chose to go the Houston route.

“If we are getting antsy to get home, on the way back, and have not spent all of our money, we can get a flight from Houston to Austin, Skeeter, if you want to, and I’ll drive you back over later to Houston to pick up your car, okay?”  Angus offered this suggestion.

“Yeah, Angus.  It depends on how tired we are, and if we feel like driving, or just want to get home fast to our creature comforts and our own beds.”

“It depends on what Africa does to us.  It is nice of you to offer to leave the car at the airport, so we can save some money.”

“Well, you know why I did.  It is so old that if it gets vandalized or stolen or something, it won’t make much difference.”

“I am glad we got everything we need in a couple of small carry-ons.  It will really help with our mobility.”

“I will not be looking up to par, Angus, I must warn you.  It will be a no-frills tour.  I will sacrifice my exceptional good looks and sweet-smelling-ness for the cause—for speed and efficiency.”

Angus snorted.  “As will I, as will I.  We won’t regret it—and we will just steer clear of mirrors and cameras.  I don’t normally carry a purse, you know, but I am taking this shoulder bag, just this once.”

“The only way I can tell if you are going all metro-sexual on me, is to look at your fingernails, Angus,” Skeeter prodded, with a big grin.

Angus made sure he kept his hands out of sight for several minutes.  He pretended to check some of his gear.  This was just to pique Skeeter as he had not had his nails done—no way.

He had three charged cell phones and Skeeter was taking five.  They were in their fanny packs, along with tiny first aid kits, salt tablets, and water-purifying tablets.  They decided not to load themselves down with bulky cameras or camera equipment and would rely on the cell phones to do the job in that department.

They did want to shoot some of the fantastic scenery, but mostly they were going to use the cell phone cameras to record information—secretly or not:  license numbers, street addresses, people’s faces and anything suspicious or worth remembering.

“Here we are!”  Skeeter parked her Cutlass, they gathered up all their gear and locked the vehicle.

“Next stop, London.”  Angus announced this to no one but themselves.

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