Was he the infamous Brainless Body Killer?

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A VG Serial: Dark Continent Continental

Chapter 69

In the taxi en route to their motel rooms, Angus and Skeeter listened to  the sounds of the sirens whining.  They had not stopped.

“The chase is still on, Angus.  I don’t hear even one stopping yet,” Skeeter commented.

“I guess they are letting him run himself out.  They are not getting aggressive, yet,” Angus agreed.

The taxi came to an abrupt stop in front of their rooms.  “Thank you,” Angus said as he paid the fare.

As they got out, they were surprised to see Barton Sheffield and a man from Scotland Yard.

“We have been looking for you two,” Sheffield announced, grinning.

“We had the urge for a bite to eat and stepped out,” Angus said.  “What’s up?”

“Clive Dumfries wants us to give you a ride to the scene.  It’s a courtesy.  He feels an arrest is coming at any moment.  In fact, we may be a little late. He thought you should be there for the occasion.” Sheffield explained.

“A courtesy?  That’s nice.  Okay, let’s go Skeeter.”  As Angus spoke these words, they got into the back seat of the unmarked car.

*     *     *

     Reginald Glastonbury’s Bentley weaved through the streets of Soho.  He did not seem concerned by the chorus of sirens behind him.  He even seemed to be enjoying it.  He maneuvered down a long street.  Was he collecting his thoughts, perhaps?  He was making his final decision.  Then, by way of two left turns, he was almost back in front of his own townhouse.  He pushed a button that rolled down the windows of the Bentley.  Then he pushed another button on the dashboard—neither of the buttons would work unless the motor was running and the key was in the ignition—and a compartment, similar-looking to an ashtray opened and slid out electronically.  A small rectangular box ejected from it.  It seemed to be a garage-door-opener, but Glastonbury did not have or use a garage.  He brought his vehicle to almost a complete stop as he aimed the gadget at the top floor of his townhouse and pushed a button.

Angus and Skeeter were almost back to the townhouse, a block away, when they heard the loud boom.  All of the occupants of the vehicle stared out the window.  They watched in disbelief as the top came off of the townhouse and fiery contents spewed out in slow motion.  It rivaled a Bastrop Fourth-of-July festival.  Debris rained down, an ember-fall.  The sirens that were echoing in the canyons of the streets came to a stop.

Angus, Skeeter, Sheffield, and the man from Scotland Yard exited the vehicle when the debris stopped falling and ran around the block just in time to see Reggie come out of his Bentley.  He found himself surrounded and contained by the boys from Scotland Yard.  They were close enough to see a smirk on his face as he was encouraged into a waiting wagon.

The quartet walked briskly back to the unmarked vehicle and got in.  “Where to, now?” Angus asked.

“We are going to follow them over to headquarters,” Barton Sheffield explained.   As they neared the canopy of the Scotland Yard building, Angus and Skeeter gawked at the tiers of news crews flanking the entryway, cameras running.  As Reggie was removed from the wagon, a phalanx of officers in body armor walked on either side of him.

“Is this perhaps the infamous Brainless Body Killer, now being led into the headquarters of Scotland Yard?  Only time and detective work will tell….”  The words of a newsman from the BBC trailed off as Angus and Skeeter followed the entourage into the building.

“Wow!  How did the news people find all of that out so fast?” Skeeter whispered her question to Angus.

Angus shook his head.

“The explosion,” Skeeter continued.  “I wasn’t expecting that at all.  Do you think it has just belched poisonous vermin into the surrounding air?”

“It was a total surprise,” Angus answered.  “I was just wondering the same thing myself.

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