Were the brains being stolen for transplants?

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Chapter 25

“You have telephone-itis this morning, Angus,” Skeeter blurted out.  “I haven’t ever seen you talk quite that much.”

Angus grinned.  “You knew there was gonna be a lot of telephone work.  I have called every FBI and police district in Texas about getting the word out that we have an FBI man that needs lungs to survive.  If any officers meet sudden death or are killed-in-action, Brad needs their lungs by private donation.  Next, I am making a written document in letter form, to send to the agencies so they can post it on bulletin boards.  Also, would appreciate their making copies of the letter and hand out or post in more places, if they are feeling charitable and have the time.”

“This is so complicated—how does the tissue-matching work?” Skeeter asked.

“It is over my head.  I think they pre-screen them, remove them and send them in a cooler, then do more detailed tissue-matching here.  A specialist will have to do the actual transplant.  I don’t know if a specialist has to remove them from the donor, or if any surgeon can do that.  They probably have protocol for removal, to save time and money.  Most surgeons are probably up on that part of it.  The body has to be kept on life support until the removal.  If they get them all the way here and they aren’t a good enough match—what happens then?  Can they be kept viable long enough to go to another person, a person on the regular transplant list?  I am sure the family has to consent to all of this, but why wouldn’t they?  If they have already taken that first drastic step, to donate, I guess they would accept an alternate recipient.”

“It is all very technical.  I am sure by the time this is all over with, we will have gotten a pretty good education on the subject.  I know what your other phone calls are about, so I am ready to go with that whenever you are, and we will flat get with it!”

“Right.  I have a list of all of the cities with brainless body discoveries.  I have made a list of the exact officers that worked those cases.  We are going to have to call all of these officers, talk one on one with them, and compare notes—see if the death houses or locations they worked in had any of the things in common with our own crime scenes.  I am going to give you half of these officers’ names and numbers, and I will take the other half.  Is that fair?  It will be a lot of phone calls.

“I’m ready when you are.”  Skeeter chirped her words.


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