What they were planning to do was insane.

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A VG Serial: Perfection Unleashed

Episode 44


The creatures moaned as one, grieving the brother that was dead and the brother that was lost to them. Indifferent to the need to stay concealed as they had through the night, they now moved openly.

There was no need to hide anymore. No one challenged them. Those humans who looked alike in their dull blue cloth coverings, who wielded metallic weapons that flashed and spit out particles, were pitiful. They lacked courage unless their pack stood with them. Only a few humans, back at the battle where their brother had been killed, had demonstrated the strength, courage, and the skill to fight back.

One of them had even demonstrated the ability to kill.

Follow…close now. They lumbered through the streets of Washington, D.C. with surprising agility and grace, in spite of their deformed bulk. The humans who clustered in their pitiful squabbles gave way to them as they passed. No time for petty battles now. An occasional flea-brained human chose to attack, but those fools were torn and killed in seconds, their skin and flesh shredded, bones broken. The corpse was left where it fell, a grim marker to the way they had come.

They did not question the instinct that led them into a forest of metal and glass. The instinct had not failed them. It had led them to the one they sought though that meeting that tragically ended in the death of their brother. They knew now. They knew of whom to be wary, of the one who could use pain to turn their strength against them. The human will be with him. The human guards and protects him.

The human must be the first to die.

* * *

“Take a left here!”

Michael Cochran twisted the steering wheel and swung the car out of the lane as he negotiated a sudden turn. What were two elderly scientists doing in the midst of this madness, he wondered.

That they were responsible for this madness was of course the obvious answer. Jason Rakehell had destroyed the lab and allowed the creatures to break out of their holding cells, but Michael and Roland had created the creatures in an all-consuming pursuit of genetic perfection. To compound their mistake, they had chosen not to euthanize the creatures even when they realized that those creatures were monstrous, dark reflections of humanity twisted beyond comprehension.

“That is the Purest Humanity headquarters, right there in that building.” Roland leaned forward in his seat to peer up at the triangular building constructed of glass and steel. It was reminiscent of a pyramid—a symbol of eternal life. He considered it especially ironic. Humanity had aspired toward godhood. He had given the world Galahad, the closest thing humans had for a god, the embodiment of humanity’s absolute perfection. Inconceivably, the world had balked at it.

A crowd was gathered outside the building, and judging by how they were riding the razor-thin edge of open hostility, Roland assumed that they were derivatives—in vitros and clones. “There’s a parking garage around the back. It’s probably a bit quieter there too.”

Michael Cochran nodded. It was insane what they were doing, or planning to do. The Purest Humanity headquarters was unquestionably the only place where Jason would have taken Galahad. What they were going to do to get into the building and find Galahad had not exactly been defined yet. What they were going to do to get out once they actually found Galahad was even less clear.

Realistically, Michael did not think much of their chances, but Roland seemed determined to try. What could possibly go wrong? It was as simple as driving into an anarchic city where there was open fighting on the streets and the authorities seemed determined to stay out of sight, break into a well-protected building filled with pro-humanists who considered them the greatest criminal masterminds and corruptors of the sanctity of human life, find Galahad, and then walk out, perfectly unharmed, not a hair out of place.

Not hard at all.

Michael took another right turn and then slammed his foot down on the brakes.

Roland jerked forward in his seat. His seatbelt saved him from going through the glass. He threw an annoyed glance at his partner. “The garage is in the next building. The white brick one.”

“Look…” Michael breathed, pointing a trembling finger at a figure standing against the building adjacent to Purest Humanity.

Roland looked over and inhaled sharply. He saw a young man, tall and leanly muscular. The man was dressed in a white shirt, blue jeans, and a black leather jacket that had seen better days, yet no amount of dressing down could conceal that heartbreaking, rare beauty


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