When would the murders commence?

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Chapter 71

“I think we are actually getting back one day early, Angus,” Skeeter concluded.  “According to my calculations.”

“I think you are right—maybe a day and a half.” Angus laughed.  “We are much poorer—our savings are wiped out.”

“Our savings and our retirement plans,” Skeeter agreed.

As their Taxi pulled up to Homicide Headquarters in Austin, they were shocked to see a small crowed gathered in the parking lot—some were carrying balloons, some held up signs.

“I didn’t tell anyone we were headed home, yet, did you?”  Skeeter asked.

“No, I told no one here, but don’t forget, Skeeter, they are detectives!”

“Oh, yeah.  They are detectives, especially Sullivan, and he is at the top of my suspect list.”

“This is kind of embarrassing,” Angus admitted, when he saw the crowd.  They exited the cab and grabbed up their bags.  “Let’s get this over with.”

Some of the homicide detectives stepped forward and relieved them of their bags, to carry them, for the returning and weary cops.

“Angus, is that you?”  Dave asked as he stared Angus right in the face.

As cracks about Angus’ new growth of beard died down, Angus spotted Eleanor, smiling, off to the side—tall, tan and tempting.  He hadn’t told her exactly when he would return, but he was more than glad to see her.

“Look at that!” Justy exclaimed.

“Yeah, look at that!” Dave echoed.  “It is a lip-lock that will go down in history.”

Angus had walked over to Eleanor.  They stood and stared at each other, up and down, for one long moment.  Then Angus took her in his arms and kissed her.  It was a kiss that seemed to go on into the next millennium.

The crowd of detectives cheered.  Sullivan stepped forward with a huge grin on his face.  “Enough of this frivolity!  Back to work, boys!  Angus, Skeeter, take your time, but when it is convenient I would love to talk to you in my office.  We have a lot of catching up to do.”

On a nearby side street sat an old dark vehicle.  The man in the driver’s seat was watching it all—and taking notes.  Occasionally he took a picture.

After Angus and Skeeter had told Captain Sullivan most of their exciting tales, they finally made it back to their own desks to begin the laborious task of going through accumulated messages:  “Please call Inspector Miguel Padilla at his office.”

Angus placed the call.  “This is Angus Carlyle.  I have been away for over a week, so I am sorry I missed your call, Inspector.  I see.  This is very interesting.  I will take that under advisement and I will probably be going to New Orleans soon.  I will nose around while I am there.  Thank you.  I will be back in touch before too long.”

“Skeeter!”  Angus called across his desk.  “Inspector Padilla has just informed me that they have info on Pulgar Doble.  They think old Double-Thumber is now entering the country by small boats in the New Orleans area.”

“Hmmmm.   Angus, we knew he was still active, probably entering the country—had no idea where.  Correct me if I am wrong.  His former cronies are all incarcerated in Mexico, is that right?”

“Yeah, and Padilla has just verified that again.  They are all still locked up and the key has been thrown away.”

“Next time we go in that direction, we should do some checking.”

“That is just what I was thinking, Skeeter.   I have a message here from Laroux and I am calling her next.”

Angus made a few notes on the Pulgar Doble Case and then he placed another call.

“Laroux?  This is Angus.  I’m sorry we have been out of touch, but we have been out of the country for almost two weeks, on the trail of the brainless body killer.  I am happy to report that he is in custody in England.”

“Oh, Angus.  I have been so worried about you two.  I knew he was working some in Kenya, but my psychic abilities were blocked and that was as much as I could get.”

“That was a big help, Laroux—the Kenya part.  It told us where to start the investigation and saved us a lot of wasted time.  Don’t worry, you abilities will start coming back.  How are you feeling?”

“I am gaining strength every day, but the reason I have been calling you is that I figured out why my clairvoyance is blocked.”

“And why is that, Laroux?  This sounds ominous.”

“My mind is filled with dreadful things, awful things.  New Orleans is about to have a wave of mysterious and bloody murders—that is what I am getting—the likes of which it has never seen before in this already-strange city.  These too, will not come into focus, but the vibes are so powerful that they are overtaking everything else in my brain.  That is why I could not concentrate on the brainless body cases.”

“Are you getting a vibe, at all, about when these murders will commence?” Angus asked as he picked up his pencil to write a date, if given.

“Any day, now.  They are on the verge of happening.  One could be happening at this very moment.

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