Would their father be convicted of murder?

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Chapter 31

Alberdeen, Kentucky, 1866

Nelson sat in George’s apartment and listened to the people passing by below the window. He didn’t know what to do, but he felt like it should be something.

What could he do? His father would soon be brought in or shot on the spot. If he was brought in, which was doubtful, he would be tried and convicted of murder.

Nelson didn’t understand why George would fight to keep the case here. He knew their father was guilty. George would like to save their father’s life, even knowing that their father had killed someone.

He thought about that most of the afternoon. Nelson didn’t agree with his brother, and if it came down to it, which it might, he didn’t think he would lie for his father. He didn’t think he could lie about the blood or the clothes or about his father telling George to get rid of them.

No, Nelson was certain he wouldn’t lie to protect his father. When he thought about Gert and how she looked lying in that bed, swollen and bruised, and then hearing his father’s words telling him that Gert would be just fine, Nelson knew he wouldn’t lie to save him.

He was jumpy and stir crazy. He wanted to make sure George was all right, but he didn’t know where to go. He didn’t know if George was able to find Judge Parker at the courthouse or if he had to go to Judge Parker’s house. Nelson didn’t know where the judge lived, but he was betting that George did.

Nelson decided it would be best to begin at the courthouse. Maybe George was there, but if not, at least it got him out of the apartment and gave him a place to start.

Maybe the fresh evening air would calm him down.

He put on his boots and opened the door. It was still hot outside, even though the sun was setting.


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